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The team at SkillGate lives and breathes online learning. Our aim is to provide you with all the tools you need to educate your staff to be the best they can be. We are guided by our three pillars:


SkillGate supports enterprises from 5 to 150,000 users. With a modular product and service approach, you can build your system around your needs.

One Stop Shop

We aim to offer everything you will need from a learning support system; authoring tools; expert courses; effective administration systems; ways you can embrace third party expertise.

Focused on Learning

Most importantly, we want your people to learn well. We build and deliver thousands of courses using the latest technologies. We build our courses around what works best.

LMS(2) the Future of Online Learning

LMS(2) is the next step in the evolution of online learning.

LMS(2) systems are integrated training and performance management platforms. Strategy, assessment, coaching, compliance, appraisal, booking management, course writing and training delivery all come together seamlessly in a single system.

Find out more about SkillGate LMS(2) by visiting our LMS(2) [News and Updates] page.




Over 1,000 online training courses – compliance, skillbuilder and soft-skills formats with A.I. Delivered microlearning.

INFINITY - Online Courses


WHIZZ - Author


Create your own courses in minutes with our user-friendly Authoring tool.



Software to manage those critical informal learning interventions; observations, coaching and mentoring.

Coach! - proactive




A high tech hub for all your company’s online training.



Ensure the highest levels of staff compliance with minimum administration from you.

TRAFFIC LIGHT - Compliance


BOOKaCOURSE - Event Management


Integrated face-to-face management and event booking system.



A talent management suite that every line-manager can use to help develop their staff.

PERFORM - Talent




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What our customers say about us:

"SkillGate have always been fantastic - their customer service is excellent. They are always very responsive and we feel as though our business really matters to them."

"We primarly use Traffic Light for compliance. Each member of staff has their own relevant training assigned to them. We moved from 75% to currently 99% compliant so I am very happy"

"Great course with all the questions and quizzes relevant to the content, which I loved."