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Headlines list the last 7 items delivered via the A.I.Dm system. They allow the User to catch up on previous study suggestions.

The headline button appears automatically in the Home page button bar and the Headlines may appear on your Portal page depending on how the page is set up.

A.I.Delivered microlearning

SkillGate A.I. Delivered microlearning (AIDm) is the proactive side of online skills development.

The system starts by sending delegates regular headlines. As it 'learns' what the delegates needs, it tailors SkillBytes and delivers them to meet that need.

SkillBytes include short interactive exercises, quizzes etc and include links to SkillBuilder blended advanced study options.

Learning in depth

SkillGate's SkillBuilder blended programmes take self-development training to the next level. Offering in-depth training on a wide variety of subjects, they offer a multi-format learning experience for maximum results results.

SkillBuilder blended courses deliver in three main ways:

  • Online Tutorials - the structured learning element of a SkillBuilder blended programme is made up of a series of online tutorials. The tutorials guide learners through the basics of what they need to know, offering context and understanding to the subject.

  • Face-to-face training - either via a traditional classroom session, or via webinar, SkillBuilder blended programmes incorporate a person-to-person training aspect which encourages learners to complete the course. Tutor support in the form of assignment feedback and online Q&A motivates learners to further develop their skills.

  • Embedding - ensuring that the learning doesn't end when the training course is complete, regular 'SkillBytes' are sent out to learners who have completed the course. These emails are designed to embed what has been learnt and expand on the learning by offering suggestions for further study, short exercises, refreshers and related articles.