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SkillBuilder Technical News and Updates

17/05/2019  Survey software integrated with WhizzAuthor

A full Survey suite has been written that can be used stand alone or integrated with any programme.

Survey questions can be added in multiple formats and scored if required. The system is ideal for adding a level if interactivity to your courses with warnings posted to tutors where survey responses are considered to be problematical.

Surveys are also ideal for gathering feedback on courses. For this reason we have upgraded the old 'Intelligence' system with a Survey results/reporting system.

17/04/2019  Welcome WhizzAuthor!

It has taken us over two years but it is finally here! Version 5 of SkillGate's content authoring system has all the best things we have learnt over the last 21 years:

  • simple authoring based on templates for subject experts
  • advanced features for professional trainers
  • publishiing via multiple channels
  • Real-time delegate management.

to name but a few.

16/02/2019  Headlines and A.I.

The new version 9 'Headlines' system comes with A.I. Delivered microlearning (AIDm). This replaces the old Personal Trainer on v8 systems.

There are several important differences including:

  • look and feel
  • authomated focusing on delegate priorities
  • multiple 'further study option
  • ability to save bites to a personal library.

The system also links to SkillBytes programmes for skills embedding.

14/01/2019  The SkillGate app has arrived!

Now available via Apple Business Manager, the app will be a great resource for on the go training.

Users will be able to access mandatory training, search for courses and check their record via the app. A once only log-in system allows for immediate access.

The app is currently available for iPhones and will be available on Android imminently.

15/11/2018  New Reports Update
Most customers have now been upgraded to the new real-time reporting system. The new activity reports are now much faster and do not need to be compiled to update. All customers will be upgraded by the end of the year.
15/11/2018  Extracts for Headlines
We have created a new feature for Headlines (Version 9 upgrade of Personal Trainer). Now Headlines emails sent to users incorporate an 'Extract' of a course that can be completed in seconds and saved to a separate folder to keep for later. Extracts act as standalone mini learning resources as well offering course 'tasters' to encourage completion of the full course.
21/09/2018  Short Course Booking System - new feature
We have added a new feature to our classroom booking system that means tutors can now be alerted when a user has booked onto a course.
21/09/2018  Reporting update
A new scheduled report export has been created which allows users to create and export reports from the system for delivery at a specific time of their choosing. If someone runs a report daily for example, they can schedule this to be delivered at a set time every day.
02/09/2018  New-look Authoring Suite now live
As part of our Version 9 upgrade we have unveiled our new authoring suite. This new editing tool is much more intuitive and user-friendly than previously, and has been designed to create 100% responsive content.
01/09/2018  SkillGate Version 9 has landed!
Our latest system upgrade - SkillGate Version 9 - is now live. The new upgrade includes a tablet-approach look and feel; a Headlines page tailored to an individual's interest preferences as an upgrade for Personal Trainer and a method of embedding learning; an upgrade to My Learning, offering formal learning pathways with timescales for completion of courses; and an optional bolt on to allow the recording of one-to-one meetings, objectives and actions.
13/01/2018  Badges
SkillGate now supports 'badges' (with a new Personal Trainer system linked to badges). You will receive more details from your account manager.
01/01/2018  Toolkit - now available on v8.
Toolkit is SkillGate's non training content management system. Designed as a set of editable dropdowns it allows administrators to add documents to the SkillGate LMS at the menu level (rather than at the course Library level). It is useful for high level or overview documents/poilcies that can be accessed at any time.


Note:This information covers site improvements, developments, and general technical service improvements for all SkillGate systems. Individual details may vary from site to site.

Major developments are highlighted in bold.