27/06/17 - 

KMS Professionals

27/06/17 - 

Lumleys Insurance Ltd

07/06/17 - 

FREE Foundation Courses for June

We are offering 12 FREE programmes this month - including these three new titles:

  • Computer Safety
  • Writing for Business
  • Improve your Reading Skills

  • 24/05/17 - 

    NEW Safeguarding Courses

    We've just added a suite of safeguarding courses. Titles include:

    • Children & Young People
    • Adults at Risk
    • Child Sexual Exploitation
    For more information or to book a personal demonstration of our systems. Please contact us on 01730 815 670

    16/05/17 - 

    Legal updates completed

    SkillGate Production Team has completed content review for legal regulatory changes as per our policy. Update Policy.

    See Content Updates and News for full details of changes.

    01/05/17 - 

    Did you know SkillGate offers FREE foundation programmes every month?

    As the UK's largest content provider we have over 2,000 titles in our professional development library.

    Each month we offer a range of courses FREE for anyone to enjoy. This month includes Time Management, Customer Service, Office IT and English Grammar courses.

    The link below gives a brief overview of the theory that underpins the Foundations methodology.