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Do You Have a Healthy Work/Life Balance?

More than 40% of workers in the UK neglect other areas of their lives because of work. Having a healthy work/life balance is essential for protecting against work related stress and can help increase productivity during office hours.
  • One of the key things that a great manager will prioritise is the support and development of others in the team. Bringing out the best in people will maximise the potential for good results and help you achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Running an efficient and effective meeting can be surprisingly challenging. How do you get the most from your meeting and ensure you achieve your objectives? Sufficient preparation is key to achieving the desired outcomes.
  • The concept of great leadership conjures up images of aspirational political, historical, adventurous and executive figures. But what makes a good leader in reality, and how can you become one?
  • Everyone remembers a great coach. Through coaching, you can have a lasting and impactful effect on a person's life and can help them achieve their professional goals.
  • Do you ever say 'no' at work? Over committing is something many of us struggle with. Although it can be difficult, learning to say no in a constructive way can help you, and your colleagues, get the job done to the highest standard, with minimal stress.
  • Effective influencing is vital in our team-based, digital and interconnected world. You can train to become a good influencer, you just need to develop a range of influencing techniques and strategies.
  • We've all been there. Blanking on someone's name whom we've definitely met before - or just been introduced to. As well as being borderline rude, it's excruciatingly embarrassing. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can try to help you remember.
  • It can be easy to rush through life and let situations control you, rather than the other way round. Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that everyone can benefit from, and can help manage stress, anxiety and feelings of being out of control.

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