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Cyber crime costs the UK millions of pounds each year. Attacks can be financially devastating, as well as psychologically damaging for those affected. With tactics becoming more and more sophisticated, it is vital that we know how to protect ourselves.

Also new in the Infinity Library:

  • How many emails do you receive each day? Have you ever missed an email due to the number of messages flooding your inbox? Email has become one of the most popular means of communication in the corporate world, so keeping on top of your inbox is vital.

  • It is estimated that 2.7% of global GDP is laundered in the financial system worldwide every year. All financial institutions are therefore at risk from money-launderers looking for weaknesses. Preventative measures can be used to reduce the risk.

  • Have you ever been in a creative brainstorm where some of your colleagues come up with idea after idea, while others hesitate or keep quiet? Everyone has the ability to think creatively and can benefit from techniques that encourage creativity.


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