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Improvements, navigation tips, new features and ideas to help you maximise your use of your SkillGate systems.

Packed with interesting case studies, exercises and short attitudes surveys, our new course 'Health and Safety Refresher for Managers' uses A.I. Delivered microlearning to deliver short daily lessons which maximise learning transfer.

Also new in the Infinity Library:

  • Did you know that you can now reinstate archived users yourself rather than having to contact the SkillGate team to reactivate their record?

  • An update on all the minor IT bits and pieces that have been happening behind the scenes to improve your SkillGate experience.

  • To ensure that our WhizzAuthor authoring tool answers all your authoring needs and offers easy and dynamic course creation, we are regularly updating the system and adding new features.


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"A.I.Delivered Microlearning - A better way to learn"