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Power & Influence - A SkillBuilder blended course

What is the difference between power and influence?  Who is more successful - the leader who exerts their power or the leader who exerts their influence?

Power and influence are synonymous.  Being able to influence people is powerful.  Having the power to influence people to behave in a certain way should be an aspiration of all ambitious managers.  Being able to balance the relationship between power and influence is essential to good leadership.

Influential leaders use positive reinforcement, open discussion and understanding to inspire their teams.

Powerful leaders assert their authority, issue instructions and are highly critical.

Both are proven successful leadership styles.

If you can recognise these two leadership methods, understand how different people respond to different leadership styles, and apply both power and influence to your management style, you are on your way to becoming a great leader.

Learn more about the power of influence, how to become an effective influencer and the secrets of persuasion, with our latest SkillBuilder blended course - Power & Influence.



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Power & Influence

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