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SkillGate XST - The Window between Trainer and Corporate LMS

Traditional elearning course authoring systems allow trainers to build courses that they then must have loaded onto third party LMSs.  With XST, trainers can build, deliver and manage their courses from their own LMS and therefore maintain control over their courses.

In effect, XST opens a 'window' between the corporate LMS and the trainer's LMS. 

Key Benefits of XST:

For the LMS owner:

  • easy to set up and requires no maintenance
  • offers you the opportunity to choose from a huge pool of specialist trainers
  • improves course quality as a result
  • allows you to keep records and reports on your own LMS

For the trainer:

  • build fully interactive training programmes (eg. marked assessments)
  • manage individual delegates
  • update and improve courses quickly based on feedback
  • control usage of courses
  • protect your intellectual property

We recommend using SkillGate XST with our WhizzAuthor authoring, publishing and management tool for the best possible results.  

Visit the WhizzAuthor website to find out more, or contact us today to see how it works.

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