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New Regulatory Addition: Cyber Awareness and Staying Safe Online

In today's digital world, there's no escaping your phone, computer or tablet.  Everything, from work, to banking, to shopping, and keeping in touch with friends and family is now done online.

As a result, online crime is now big business, so much so that it has a higher turnover than drug related organised crime. As criminal activity gets more and more sophisticated, and tactics shift towards targeting businesses over individuals, protecting ourselves should be a top priority.

SkillGate's new Cyber Awareness and Staying Safe Online training course is designed to make you aware of the dangers of cyber crime and identify potential threats. 

Below is an extract from the course - an example of a phishing email. Phishing emails are designed to get hold of your personal details, passwords, and bank details in order to defraud you of your money, or for other criminal activity including identity theft.

Hover over the highlighted sections to learn more.  To review the new course click on the link below, and to discuss how SkillGate can assist with your regulatory staff training call us on 01730 815670.


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