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A forum for research, evaluation, and considered comment on online training techniques that cause real behavioural change in organisations. For details on SkillGate's latest courses news please see [Infinity].


  • The recent lockdown has focused staff attention on online training. We have seen course completions more than double in the past two months. We know anecdotally why this is, but what's particularly interesting is the take up of different learning formats.


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  • To support businesses during these difficult times we have created SkillGate InTouch. InTouch is a new training and development tool designed to help you keep in touch with your most valuable resource - your people - wherever they are.


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  • Achieve 100% compliance training levels across your organisation and take the stress out of managing mandatory training with Traffic Light!


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  • If ever there was a year that demanded a clarity of vision, 2020 must be it! With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to identify the 5 key areas we plan to develop in 2020 to improve the SkillGate learning environment for our customers and users.


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  • Streamline your appraisal process and deliver integrated training solutions with our Performance Management software - Perform.


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  • For 21 years SkillGate has been searching for the 'Holy Grail' of online training - delivering training that really works for learners! With SkillGate EmBed, we think we've finally cracked it!


The LMS Market - a Survey

SkillGate has recently completed an LMS survey of 1051 organisations in the UK. Organisations were selected on the basis that we believe they have more than 150 staff. Here is an extract of some key findings:

'Do you have an LMS?'  

There were 558 replies to this. Of these 482 said Yes. 76 said No.  34 claimed they had built their own systems in-house. 

'Which LMS vendor do you use?'

284 were prepared to divulge the name of their LMS supplier. (Practically none divulged more than one name). Of the 284 who replied approximately 70 (24%) were government  '.gov' bodies.

109 different LMS vendors were identified by respondents. On average each LMS vendor in our survey (outside the top 5) had an average of only 1.7% of the market. The top 5 vendors accounted for 41% of the responses:

  • Virtual College
  • Moodle
  • SkillGate
  • Litmos
  • Learning Pool


It could be that the market for LMS systems is quite saturated.  87% (7 out of 8) of respondents in our survey said they had an LMS. It seems very rare for an organisation to have more than one LMS. Only 1 in 8 claimed not to have an LMS.

109 different LMS systems were identified. (Note identifies 332 systems and other estimates suggest there are over 1,000 worldwide). So there are clearly plenty to choose from.

LMSs are advanced IT systems, the technicality and sheer number available make them difficult to compare. Evaluating 109 different system must be pretty well impossible for buyers. Furthermore, organisations don't run more than one at a time. So once an organisation has got one, it seems likely that it is very difficult to make a change - even if they could work out how good the alternatives are.

There are three issues that can be overlooked that we suggest companies look for:

  • Service quality – make sure that you will not be pulling your hair out in a few weeks due to slow or expensive service. Ensure service quality is defined, priced, measured and delivered and (ideally) not from a foreign country as time differences can affect response times.
  • Look for an organisation with a long track record - with thousands of LMSs on the market, the cost of entry for new LMS vendors is clearly not high. New entrants may offer the latest technology today but will they gain enough market share to sustain it tomorrow?
  • Examine in detail how easily (and at what cost) you will be able to extract all your data and how you can transfer it to another vendor should you wish to.


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