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'Deep' Learning

A forum for research, evaluation, and considered comment on online training techniques that cause real behavioural change in organisations. For details on SkillGate's latest courses news please see [Infinity].

  • Measuring the success of elearning is notoriously difficult. Creating the most engaging training course available doesn't guarantee people will complete it. Making it compulsory to complete a course doesn't guarantee that people will learn...


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  • Everyone learns in different ways. Some like to write things down, while others like to listen or use word associations. Our new SkillBuilder blended courses offer a deeper, more inclusive style of online training course to appeal to every learning type.


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  • Let's kick out un-intelligent authoring. It has been around for 25 years now and hasn't done us many favours.


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  • We look at how to use story-telling in elearning, and how using the story structure for your course can help deliver a deeper learning experience.


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  • Equip your workers with the skills and knowledge to perform as never before. SkillGate's 7 learning and development products offer the means to ensure your people will stand out in a competitive corporate world.


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  • Details of the SkillGate offering and pricing structure, all on one page.


How Smart is your LMS?

Globalisation, specialisation and new technologies are requiring that individuals and organisations  who want to prosper must upskill and change skill at speeds never seen before. 

The internet is perhaps the main reason skills need to change so quickly. Fortunately, the internet also gives us the tools to help people perform as never before.

At SkillGate we have always aimed to be innovators in using the internet for corporate professional development. We aim to deliver leading edge products that exploit the internet to ensure UK workers have the skills and the skills development routes to win in a competitive world.

Our new brochure outlines what we call LMS(2) - the next generation of integrated A.I. delivered corporate learning. Download it today!

Download 'LMS(2) Brochure' 


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"A.I.Delivered Microlearning - A better way to learn"