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The recent lockdown has focused staff attention on online training. We have seen course completions more than double in the past two months. We know anecdotally why this is, but what's particularly interesting is the take up of different learning formats.


  • Current events may have affected our summer holiday plans this year, but in the world of learning, our choice of destinations is endless! To celebrate this year's Learning at Work Week, we are inviting customers to learn round the world with SkillGate!


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  • Whether returning to work or working from home, the health and safety of your staff is no doubt your number one priority at the moment.

    Our new H&S library is full of fresh and relevant content to help you protect your staff wherever they are.


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  • Many workplaces are set to re-open over the coming weeks following the Covid-19 lockdown. To help make this transition as smooth as possible for employers and employees we have a new course available to support a safe return to work.


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  • An inclusive working environment allows people to be themselves. The greater the mix of people, the greater the mix of skills, experiences and ideas.
    Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion course can help you nurture an inclusive and diverse workplace.


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  • This week (18th-24th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week, offering us an opportunity to consider the wellbeing and mental health of ourselves and those around us.
    Our Mental Health Awareness course can help those in need of a little extra support.


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  • Reframing our mindsets can help us accept self-isolation and recognise the opportunities it presents. Keeping active, being creative and pampering yourself are just a few coping techniques that will help keep your mind healthy and your outlook positive.


We May be Locked Down but Online Training is On the Up!

Here are two statistics you might find interesting:

1. The number of delegates completing SkillGate Certificate programmes has doubled over the last two months.

2. SkillGate's recent Learning at Work Week competition had twice as many entrants as last year.

The lockdown appears to have focused staff attention on online training. We understand anecdotally that there are good reasons for this:

  • Staff, perhaps fearing for their jobs, are looking to prove their skills
  • Furloughed staff have more time on their hands
  • Many companies have been encouraging staff to undertake (or catch up on their training) while furloughed.

Certificate programmes and the Learning at Work Week training use two completely different formats, designed to appeal to two different learning approaches. The Learning at Work Week training was delivered as part of our Daily Lessons system. Certificate programmes are distance learning courses that require the learner to complete a series of tutorials and carry out assignments. The assignments are marked by a SkillGate tutor.

We launched SkillGate InTouch in March - in effect, the marketing arm of the SkillGate LMS platform. InTouch allows Trainers to create their own training 'Headlines' or use SkillGate generic titles and market short learning items to staff at intervals. The items are linked to an increasing range of further study options - typically Daily Lesson courses or Certificate programmes.

Daily Lessons programmes come in two formats:

1. Revolving. Daily lessons are sent on a rolling basis. This means that when the stream of lessons ends it automatically begins again. A learner can join at any time and stay on for as long as they like. Repetition is a great way to learn!

2. EmbEd. This delivers Daily Lessons in sequence. Learners register on Daily Lesson number 1 and receive the rest in the order determined by the tutor. This is essential where a course has to be taught incrementally.

It is well understood that different subjects require different teaching approaches and different people like to learn in different ways.

With over 8 different types of course, using interchangeable learning objects, these are the latest developments in SkillGate’s drive to offer tutors easy-to-use learning systems that really work.


If you would like to discuss any of these issues with SkillGate, or contribute any articles or white papers, please call 01730 815670 or email enquiries @skillgate.com.

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