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September Nuts and Bolts

Our Nuts and Bolts Round-Up keeps you informed of the minor technical improvements and additions that have been implemented by the IT team at SkillGate. 

Covering anything, from switches to pictures, and drop-downs to emails, the Round-Up covers some of the more detailed nuts and bolts of the everyday SkillGate administrative experience.

1) One man's CPD is another man's CC 

We have extended the replace feature for LMS systems who call CPD something else. For example many firms now use Continuing Competency (CC) instead of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). The existing CPD input and reporting features can now be given whatever name the LMS Controller chooses.

2) Looking for a full list of your training courses?

Did you know that you can access and print a full list of training courses that your users have access to?  Simply select [Set Up] in your navigation bar, then click on [Library Options]. Scroll down and you will see and option to [Print course list] under the left-hand column. Clicking this link will bring up the full list of courses you have available on your SkillGate system for quick and easy review. 

3) Weekend reminders

For customers who have their own sites, we have now updated the scheduler software so that registration and reminder emails can be sent at the weekend as well as during the week. This means that staff within organisations which don't work a traditional Monday to Friday week can receive training links and reminders on days that tally with their working week.

4) SkillGate Perform enhancement

For those of you using our Perform software to manage your appraisal process, we have added another mini-form option to allow appraiser and appraisee to view compliance training status.  This means that mandatory training progress can be included in any appraisal discussion, supported by all the necessary information.


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