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Reinstate, Archive and Delete for Administrators

A quick reminder that LMS controllers can now Reinstate users they have Archived.

Reinstatement is accessible via [Admin] in your navigation bar and the [Activity Records and Reports] part of the system. The [Admin] button in the reporting area will take you to the Reinstatement option. 

N.B. The [Reinstate] option is only available to LMS Controllers (i.e. not Group Masters)

The process of archiving users deletes all current course registrations and diary entries for the user, so reinstatement will require that delegates are manually set up on any essential (especially mandatory) programmes. Re-registering is quite quickly done through the synchronisation features on Traffic Light.

Archiving is not the same as Deleting. Archiving removes the User from the system but leaves their records available for access via reports. This can be important for statistical reasons and occasionally legal reasons where proof of learning is required.

Deleting is the act of completely removing all trace of a user from the system. This may be required under GDPR legislation depending on the nature of your agreements with the user. SkillGate will automatically delete Archived Users after an agreed period of time (see your contract), or upon specific instructions from an LMS Controller.

Deleting is non reversible.


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