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A.I.Dm: A New Way To Learn - Try it yourself with our latest 'Health & Safety for Managers' refresher course

72% of companies still use 1/2 hour online learning courses for compliance and only 17% of companies say digital learning is encouraging behavioural change - there may be a connection!

As you know SkillGate has been a pioneer in the use of SkillBytes and microlearning, delivering short daily lessons that have significantly more impact than 'dull and boring' online courses.

'My Plan' Example: Micro-lesson Programme Progress


By connecting these with Traffic Light and our new SkillBuilder Editor we have now created a new Health and Safety for Managers 'Refresher' programme.

Packed with interesting case studies, exercises and short attitudes surveys the programme lasts over 3- 6 months with SkillBytes delivered by email every 2- 4 weeks. 4 short mandatory elements ensure managers take the programme seriously - but don't waste their time going over the 'same old ground'.

Mandatory completions are automatically fed into the Traffic Light cascade to ensure high levels of compliance.

Survey results (including the attitudes survey) are collected throughout the programme and are available via the intelligence system.

The programme is designed to be fully editable to include elements, subjects and illustrations relevant to your industry.

If you would like a demonstration please give us a call on 01730 815670.