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Traffic Light System Developments

There are several significant developments to the Traffic Light system this autumn:

1. Traffic Light Courses and Induction 

When new starters join the organisation, Traffic Light will automatically look up their job role and allocate mandatory programmes to the new starter. Increasingly companies are adding an Induction TL Code with additional courses for inductees. This has meant that new starters are getting too many registrations all at once. We have added Stagger days so that in Allocations administrators can set course registrations to be staggered by days or weeks.

The same editor allows administrators to add Delay-days. This feature gives delegates longer to proceed with the course from registration.

2. Re-registration, Compliance Target Dates and Need Action

For those clients who use BookaCourse within Traffic Light, some Classroom Courses require re-registration every few years for compliance purposes. Because booking a course makes a delegate compliant, delegates who cancel a booking near the end of the cycle ( and then re-book a future date) run the risk of actually being non compliant but showing as compliant for reporting purposes.

A Compliance Target Date can be added next to the Re-registration date. All delegates who are still waiting to complete the programme after the Compliance Target Date will be moved to Need Action. They will sill be able to use the programme normally but will show as non compliant on reports.

For fine-tuning purposes, re-registration dates can now be calculated from;

  • Fork date (default - usually the completion date),
  • Attendance date (for classroom programmes) 
  • Start date (the date the delegate first registered on the programme)

3. Synchronisation

The synchronisation procedure allows groups allocated to complete a given programme to be jumped to another programme, taking into account when and how they have completed the first programme.

We have modified the 'sync' process to incorporate 1 and 2 above. We have also changed the code so that the sync days are taken from the originating course rather than the target course, as at present, to give more flexibility.

4. Traffic Light Line-Manager Autoprompts

We have added a scheduler that emails managers with their Team Traffic Light reports at time scales to suit you. You may also include a customised email message.