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Perform Features List

OKR and/or actions based, SkillGate Perform offers a sophisticated and flexible array of tools to deliver against any organisational development requirements. Features include:

Appraisal Form

Build forms fast with customisable mini-form templates
Set Actions/ Key Results/ Training linked to Objectives
Add Competence scoring
Include Compliance mini-form
Add Training Needs Analysis


Create a managed sequential process
Include delegates, line manager, mentor, manager's manager, general manager etc
Set all stages to be accessed via email prompts and/or LMS
Set sequencing to be based on Calendar dates or 'days since'

1 to 1

Include anytime 1 to 1 meeting notes with evidence upload

My Plan

Add Actions, Key Results and Training to MyPlan
Allow Line Manager and/or Users to update or comment on progress


Simple Appraisal process Dashboard for Administrators
Secure Permissions based access
View sequential process and progress
Allows manual substitution of line managers
Savable CSV reports
Grades Moderation
Management Cascade
Manually manage 'delayed' Users through process


Integrate with Traffic Light Compliance
Add Infinity course list selection
Integrate with 360 degree feedback
Access My Plan


Learning to Suit You

It is not just software - SkillGate systems are about developing skills. SkillGate offer thousands of Lessons in Learning Suites tailored to meet your needs.

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