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WhizzAuthor Features List

WhizzAuthor is SkillGate's integrated programme authoring suite.

WhizzAuthor is unique because if focuses on making it simple for authors to create courses using lesson objects, Lesson objects are the future of online learning. They are incredibly flexible and can be used in multiple formats; e.g. A.I.Dm, tutorials and self study.

Features include:

Programme Authoring Suite

WYSIWYG programme and session content authoring
7 programme types
Scalable features for Site Controller, LMS controller and Author
Object based for maximum flexibility


SCORM compliant

Object Based

Add text, video, sound, images, interactions, quizzes etc
Simple drag/drop Session object editing
Reuse & Edit objects

Programme Sequencing

Use Gates to control delegate progress on advanced programmes
Conditional Fork to other programmes
Auto re-registration after x days
Conditional Jump to other programmes
Set Prerequisites


Multiple Gate types offer multiple progress options
Include sequential (e.g. delegate/tutor) Sign Off
Integrate Coaching into programmes
Set completion to be based on multiple 'test' results


Multiple Test Formats
Include Explanations
Limits on Attempts on Questions and Test Retake
Add Tips
Allow Resume
Use multiple tests to create a final score
Set CPD points

Media Library

Upload and manage Media Assets and documents

Programme Audit

Integrity Checker
Changes Logs


Single Author - Multiple Editors


Managing Assignments Marking
Manage Authors
Auto identify problem delegates
Automated eMail Instructions and Reminders with custom emails
Manage Delegates & Delegate Progress


Publish for External Access
Create Programmes in XST formats
Publish to LMS Library

Survey Software

Add survey questions at any point as Session objects
Collate Survey data from multiple programmes
Report via Permissions based Intelligence reports


Specify certificate award conditions
Customise look of certificates


Learning to Suit You

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