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Classroom Features List

An advanced face-to-face training course management system fully integrated into the SkillGate LMS and all its features.

There is an events diary option and many classroom management features allowing trainers to customise the distribution, authorisation and booking procedures for this type of programme.

Classroom Types

Supports multiple face-to-face course types
Supports blended programme formats
Supports Webinars
Includes 'No Date Set' option

Class Details

Add email prompts and reminders
Add Joining Instructions
Note costs and resources in the 'Quick' Facilities manager
Specify cancellation and/or terms of business
Set maximum Class Size
Set charges or fees
Class Reference Numbers in text and sequential numbers
Detail Tutor (with option to advise of bookings)
Set minimum cancellation timescales


MS Outlook calendar integration
Book for self or others (managers only) via Library
Use multiple authorisation procedures
Administrator can Book or Invite Users
Cost Center Code required


Auto advise other users on waiting list
Reason provided reports
Optional with 'days prior' permitted

Attendance Management

Attended, cancelled, no show options
Nominate attendance monitor and supply with online 'tick box'
Course completed warning for Administrators

Waiting List

With automated advice of cancellations

Events Calendar

Book and Add to Waiting List

Course Evaluation

Create custom evaluation forms
Auto-dispatch evaluation forms on attendance

Specialist Reports

No Show, Cancellations and Attendance reports
Certificate expiry report
Capacity Estimates - probable requirement against planned courses


Add courses to Library
Dashboard shows Traffic Light compliance summary
Links to Perform and My Plan



The Classroom system allows administrators to manange workshops, tool box talks, conferences and webinars.

As well as being a robust stand alone system, it integrates with the rest of SkillGate to support blended training via self study certificates, and mandatory training via Traffic Light.