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Welcome to the world of SkillGate.

Our mission is to provide the best online training in professional business subjects to corporate customers, and we are delighted if you can help us.

SkillGate works with training 'partners' in three ways:



We are looking for specialists who can provide high level professional content that is valuable (if not essential) to business people in the relevant subjects.

The authoring briefs we currently have available are listed below.

Human Rights Awareness for the Public Sector Posted: 04-11-2020
Professional Housing Manager Posted: 05-11-2020

The SkillGate team will convert your content into our unique online learning experiences in the appropriate format - Sparks, Tutorials or Certificates.

To understand more about the theory and practice of SkillGate's training methods, and how Sparks, Tutorials and Certificates interact to provide the optimum learning experience, download - How Smart is Your LMS.

Click on the links below to see examples of our programmes.




Trainers can use the SkillGate system to develop their own online learning and publish it to any SCORM compliant third party LMS without losing control of the content.

We call this type of trainer - 'Experts'.

The key benefits are that Experts can update their content; manage course delegates; mark delegate homework etc. on their own system, protecting their IP and improving the quality of their courses.



'Sponsors' are professional trainers who set-up and then manage the SkillGate LMS systems to organisations. They provide practical administrative and consultant support to their customers.

Skillgate offers Sponsors a powerful tool to enhance the relationship between themselves and their clients.

Sponsors are fully supported by SkillGate with content options, system maintenance, training etc. and will 'fill in the client support gaps' for the sponsor.

Details of the WhizzAuthor system are at

If you would like a WhizzAuthor account as an Expert, Sponsor or In-house Course Author please contact us on 01730 815670.