SkillGate - the LMS

SkillGate - the LMS

An advanced modular LMS designed to meet your needs.


We think SkillGate Learning Management System is one of the most advanced in the world. Here are eight reasons:


1. A single Author suite allows you to design over 20 types of course including; classroom, online and coaching

2. XST (Cross Site Trainer) allows tutor supported courses to be delivered on any LMS.

3. Traffic Light compliance training administration system manages complex compliance needs to deliver up to 100% completion rates with minimal administration

4. Multi-Portal Management allows larger organisations to offer customised LMSs to divisions or clients

5. The 'face-to-face' Classroom Manager system integrates online courses and with MS Outlook

6. A unique Mentor/Coach matching system allows training managers to monitor informal development activity

7. Headlines (and Personal Trainer) automatically suggests relevant training opportunities to staff

8. SSO (single sign on) will synchronise activity records with your HR system.

SkillGate offers a modular, but fully integrated platform, that lets you choose what you need from a portfolio of some 15 distinct systems. We cover the full range you will need from SkillBox (your free introductory or LMS 'light' system) - to Talent (your custom built fully integrated enterprise performance management system).

"Great course with all the questions and quizzes relevant to the content, which I loved."
Better Written English - Intermediate
"Very visually interesting and interactive, with great content. And the customer service was excellent." Learning to Supervise People
"I liked the fact that you could leave the course and come back to it at any time."
Being Assertive