Mandatory training

Traffic light

95%+ compliance training completions

SkillGate’s Traffic Light compliance management software is responsible for some of the highest compliance rates in the industry.

It is designed to make it simple for a single administrator to manage multiple mandatory training requirements for a large number of courses and learners. Key features include:

Minimal administration

Affordable solutions

Simple reporting

Compliance is signalled via a red or green ‘traffic light’ . Green means compliant, red means non-compliant.


The unique feature is that line managers will only show as green (compliant) if all members of their team are showing as green. This encourages line managers to chase their team to complete their training.

Our library of some 200 compliance courses covers a diverse range of subjects and sectors and can all be used with the Traffic Light software.

Courses are fully customisable so can be tailored for your organisation, to include policy documents, case studies, language, images, etc, to reflect your company rules and ethos.

A full list of compliance training courses.

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