Best value

Why do we think we offer the best value on the market?

We have always built our own software to deliver courses. Over many years we have focused on combining authoring, effective delivery with getting results.

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Judge for yourself.

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Deliver value

What do we mean? Value comes in ways:

1. One online course can train thousands of people for a fixed price.

  • We produce most of the core skills courses your staff will need
  • Generic courses usually always offer incredibly good value
  • New courses can be built easily using SmartAuthor editor.

2. SkillGate online courses are quick and focus on key lessons.

  • No wasted time out of office or travelling
  • Courses are easy to build easy to customise easy to individualise.
  • Lessons can be repeated over time.

3. Online courses mean that staff are trained in a consistent way.

  • You can tell who knows what
  • You can tell who needs what.

4. Administrators can concentrate on getting the right training in front of the right people.

  • An individual administrator can manage the training for thousands of staff.
  • Plans can be auto-executed
  • Line managers can be empowered in the training process
  • Training processes can be accurately measured and linked to company objectives.