Does your LMS do this?


Serving up AI driven daily lesson bites

Tempt your staff with fun daily lessons designed to support professional self-directed learning.

We deliver hundreds of short 'bites' every month.

Our AI system tailors the subjects to the needs of each member of your staff.

Simplifying compliance management

Essential lessons (and refreshers) are delivered to the relevant staff automatically according to your plan.

Simple Traffic Light reporting encourages your line-managers to support compliance.

Hundreds of prepared and updated compliance courses make compliance training easier for everyone.

Traffic Light

Pinboard Proactive

Personalising training suggestions

Pinboard links objectives, key results and development training in a simple to use format.

Using the thousands of courses in SkillGate's Infinity Library our researches recommend the best online training solutions and alternatives for each user.

The Essential LMS

The products listed above are three key parts of SkillGate's Essential LMS.

Of course there is a host more advanced administration features included with the Essential LMS:

You will be impressed by what is covered as standard - but there is more when you need it.

Yes there is much more!

SkillGate UTS

You bet! Much more.

SkillGate LMS is supported by SkillGate UTS.

UTS is an enterprise level range of 16 optional training tools designed to help you reach every part of your organisation.

You can mix and match products to meet your needs, or ask our developers to create custom solutions to help you win.

One thousand courses

Infinity includes over a thousand online courses with tens of thousands of exercises.

They offer ideal support for 'just in time' learning needs.

Created using learning object technology, Infinity courses are easily edited or modified to support your customised training activities.

Infinity Library



What do our users think?

Some of the comments added by users in the last few days:

Course: Dopamine fasting to boost focus 3480
  "Thank you. Great advice." 24-Sep-21
Course: What is proxemics and how can you use it to your advantage? 3500
  "I personally never paid much attention to proxemics, especially the significance of objects in a room being a reflection of for e.g., national, regional or professional culture. Will definitely take more notice. " 24-Sep-21
Course: Microsoft Word - Navigation Pane 2202
  "handy - not used this before " 24-Sep-21
Course: Don't overthink it! 3476
  "useful, brief summary" 24-Sep-21
Course: What kind of leader are you? 3412
  "I see myself as an Operational leader" 23-Sep-21
Course: What is Emotional Intelligence? 2244
  "interesting" 23-Sep-21
Course: Don't overthink it! 3476
  "very helpful" 23-Sep-21
Course: Deskercise: The Tummy Crunch 3328
  "I will add this to my daily routine" 23-Sep-21
Course: Use your initiative! 3558
  "Excellent advicr" 22-Sep-21
Course: How to Handle a Difficult Conversation 2958
  "Interesting re cap on difficult situations, especially as we return to more face to face interactions." 22-Sep-21
Course: Passion-test your goals 3448
  "Useful information " 22-Sep-21
Course: What is proxemics and how can you use it to your advantage? 3500
  "interesting" 22-Sep-21
Course: Don't overthink it! 3476
  "very good just what i needed" 22-Sep-21
Course: Understanding Section 106 2711
  "This quiz doesn't work. The answers aren't available to click. " 22-Sep-21
Course: Don't overthink it! 3476
  "Good reminder to look after wellbeing. " 22-Sep-21
  "good to know" 22-Sep-21
Course: What kind of leader are you? 3412
  "Although I am not in a leadership role I found this an interesting model to give thought in relation to progression - although I blend with some characteristics I do feel I sit with Earth Green. " 22-Sep-21
Course: Use vocalics to enhance your communication skills 3504
  "None" 22-Sep-21
Course: Upgrade your life for free 3514
  "Useful information " 17-Sep-21
Course: Deskercise idea: The Supra Shrug 3507
  "Usefil tip for my clients own rehab" 14-Sep-21
Course: Upgrade your life for free 3514
  "Useful info" 14-Sep-21
Course: Make your own luck 3403
  "helpful reminder" 14-Sep-21
Course: Microsoft Teams - Using Whiteboards 2188
  "great tip" 14-Sep-21
Course: What kind of leader are you? 3412
  "Leaning towards yellow." 14-Sep-21
Course: Upgrade your life for free 3514
  "True. These are one of the easiest things to do but somehow they always get postponed and postponed." 14-Sep-21




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