Does your Learning Management System do this?


Serving up AI driven daily lesson bites

Tempt your staff with fun daily lessons designed to support professional self-directed learning.

We deliver hundreds of short 'bites' every month.

Our AI system tailors the subjects to the needs of each member of your staff.

Simplifying compliance management

Essential lessons (and refreshers) are delivered to the relevant staff automatically according to your plan.

Simple Traffic Light reporting encourages your line-managers to support compliance.

Hundreds of prepared and updated compliance courses make compliance training easier for everyone.

Traffic Light

Pinboard Pro

Personalising training suggestions

Exploiting the tens of thousands of lessons in SkillGate's Infinity Library (and our independent research) our researchers recommend the best online training solutions and alternatives for every user.

The 'Essential' LMS

The products listed above are three key elements of SkillGate's Essential LMS.

The Essential LMS includes a host of more advanced administration features:

You will be impressed by what is covered as 'essential' - and there is a lot more when you need it.

There is a lot more!

SkillGate UTS

The Universal Training System.

SkillGate LMS is supported by SkillGate UTS.

UTS is an enterprise level range of 16 optional training tools designed to help you reach every part of your organisation.

You can mix and match products to meet your needs, or ask our developers to create custom solutions to help you win.

One thousand courses

Infinity includes over a thousand online courses with tens of thousands of exercises.

They offer ideal support for 'just in time' learning needs.

Created using learning object technology, Infinity courses are easily edited or modified to support your customised training activities.

Infinity Library



What do our users think?

Some of the comments added by users in the last few days:

Course: Make your communication more flexible 3581
  "Spot on. Thank you. " 19-Oct-21
Course: Are you a wallflower or a firework? 3622
  "Good information " 19-Oct-21
Course: The art of mindful eating 3618
  "Not enough information.." 19-Oct-21
Course: The power of now 3466
  "Interesting." 19-Oct-21
Course: The art of mindful eating 3618
  "Easier said than done" 19-Oct-21
Course: Deskercise idea: the ab fabs 3565
  "Easy to do and effective." 19-Oct-21
Course: The art of mindful eating 3618
  "As a driver working irregular hours there is no set time for eating. I have been driving for over 26 years and my diet along with my health has been maintained, so I must be doing something right." 19-Oct-21
Course: Don't let achievement motivation get in your way 3602
  "Goals are essential to achieveing yourthe objective its a marathon not a sprint." 19-Oct-21
Course: The art of mindful eating 3618
  "useful information" 19-Oct-21
Course: 3 quick tricks for assertive communication 3522
  "Very helpful. Thank you." 19-Oct-21
Course: Who said: “There is no friend as loyal as a book”? 3135
  "Good" 19-Oct-21
Course: The art of mindful eating 3618
  "I follow Ivor Cummins on Twitter who has done lots of work on diet - his YT videos are excellent." 19-Oct-21
Course: Microsoft Excel - Sorting & Filtering 2189
  "great" 18-Oct-21
Course: Are you a wallflower or a firework? 3622
  "Very good points" 17-Oct-21
Course: The power of now 3466
  "Interesting, it is very easy to worry and regret, but something to work on " 14-Oct-21
Course: What are the green flags of a good relationship? 3554
  "Good article " 14-Oct-21
Course: Are you a super multi-tasker? 3312
  "Useful " 14-Oct-21
Course: What is your Reticular Activating System? 3545
  "Interesting " 14-Oct-21
Course: Pronoun agreement 2174
  "What about people who don't like him/he her/she and prefer to be referred to as they/them? " 12-Oct-21
Course: Deskercise idea: the thigh rise 3566
  "I often get up from my work station and walk to keep my mobility flexible." 12-Oct-21
Course: What kind of leader are you? 3412
  "I am definitely a sunshine yellow." 12-Oct-21
Course: Who said "The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you"? 3578
  "Hard work and dedication obviously pay off." 12-Oct-21
Course: Are you a wallflower or a firework? 3622
  "I endeavour to be the best I can be I also mimic the attributes of positive knowledgeable colleagues." 12-Oct-21
Course: Differentiate yourself with results 3465
  "I am confident in my delivery and strive for excellence" 11-Oct-21
Course: Make your communication more flexible 3581
  "some good key points" 10-Oct-21




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