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SkillGate offers a comprehensive suite of performance management tools from SkillsAudit to Annual Appraisal; from objectives management to development & coaching planning.

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MyTeam is our entry level Team Leader assistant. It helps team leaders keep their teams happy and supported by giving the right attention, feedback and growth opportunities to each member of your team.

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Compliance management

SkillGate Traffic Light advanced compliance training management software ensures each employee has that 'must have' knowledge. Traffic Light's unique approach is responsible for the highest compliance rates in the industry.

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Learning management

Academy10 is a hugely versatile and easy-to-use learning management system, tried and tested by thousands of organisations.

Including unique programme authoring software, Academy10 allows rapid creation and delivery of effective development solutions to your people at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

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With over 18 specialist products you can seamlessly expand your training and development platform to meet your exact needs.

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