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Academy10 Free Essential LMS

Academy10 is one of the UK's most popular LMS system and supports hundreds of organisations ranging in size from 50 to 15,000 staff.

The Essential LMS comes free (as standard) with SkillGate content and includes a wide range of advanced training and compliance management features.


The Essential LMS.

In addition to managing your choice of courses, the Essential Academy10 LMS includes management systems for teams and groups, library, CPD and qualifications.

It includes customisable reports and charts as standard; options for single sign on and datafeeds; 24/7 maintenance and support and the ability to customise its look and feel to your brand.

Through the UTS plugins (see below) you can add a host of performance management tools such as: SmartCafé; Traffic Light; SmartAuthor; Perform, SurveySoft and other training related options.

Looking for more than the Essential Academy10?
Look no further than SkillGate's Universal Training System!

SkillGate's Universal Training System (UTS) adds an extensive range of important options to your LMS.

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