Results! Is a non-formal performance management tool using management by objectives (MBO) or objectives and key results (OKR) approaches. Results! allows managers to:

  • Record periodic review discussions
  • Set objectives for Users (in line with corporate strategic objectives if required)
  • Measure actions or key results with progress reporting
  • And add training requests.

Managers can view their team's progress from a simple dashboard.

Automated prompts encourage managers to regularly revisit when objective management is overdue.

The result is a powerful supportive environment that, while easy to use, offers consistent performance progress reporting across the organisation.

And there is more...

Result! can be upgraded with any of the Results! Plus advanced options and with Pinboard Proactive that offers practical training suggestion to users via Pinboard.

Training requests are reviewed by SkillGate researchers who will;

  • suggest solutions from the Infinity Library
  • create new programmes
  • and research alternative external options.

Result! can be upgraded to Results! Plus offering the full SkillGate suite of performance management products.

  • Annual Appraisal
  • Welfare analysis
  • Attitudes surveys
  • Competency Measurement
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Skills Audit
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • 360 feedback

Depending on your preference, Results! and Results! Plus offer both:

  • a formal framework for continuous development (e.g. annual appraisal) by supporting sequenced form completion (e.g. delegate, manager, moderator), and
  • and informal performance management through sequenced prompting for one to one discussions and objectives setting.

Standard features: