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SkillBuilder Complaints Handling for Housing Associations
It is vital that social landlords have an effective complaints policy and procedure in place and that employees who handle complaints understand what is expected of them. 

SkillBuilder Preventing Falls in Older People
Every year falls in the older population costs the UK NHS over two billion pounds. Additionally, it decreases the bed availability for other patients. Inpatient falls is also an important issue for hospitals that impacts patient and staff morale. Falls can occur at any age, but this course only deals with preventing falls in the older population. This vulnerable population may be admitted as a result of a fall or be more susceptible to falls either at home or in hospital because of their health or environmental circumstances. The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in preventing falls in the older population, more particularly those working in healthcare settings.

SkillBuilder Selling Alcohol Legally and Responsibly
The Licensing Act 2003 is the key legislation that regulates the sale and supply of alcohol in the United Kingdom. All businesses, organisations and individuals who wish to sell or supply alcohol need licensing.  If you are authorised by a licensed organisation or person to sell alcohol, you need to know what you must do under the law and the consequences of not doing so. 

SkillBuilder Managing your Mindset and your Money
Nearly everyone in the UK has been impacted by the rise in living costs in recent months.  We are all looking for great ways to save money at the moment.  However, we shouldn't ignore the impact money worries can have on our mental health This tutorial focuses on tips for saving money and strategies for maintaining your mental wellbeing.

SkillBuilder Duty of Candour
When something goes wrong with a patient's treatment or care, they (and those close to them) have a right to receive a meaningful apology and an explanation of what happened. This need to be open, honest and transparent is called the 'duty of candour'. It is laid down in law. 

SkillBuilder General Principles of Wound Management
All healthcare organisations are standardising wound management, to encourage wound healing and better patient outcomes. The skin is the largest organ in the body and any break in continuity can have serious consequences for the patient.  This course covers the general principles of wound management, including how wounds heal, the types of wounds and how non-healing wounds can be encouraged to heal.

SkillBuilder Diabetes Mellitus Awareness
Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease that impacts the individual and the wider society. The World Health Organization estimates that, in just over a decade, diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death worldwide. It is essential to raise awareness of this condition and this applies not only to the general public but also to those who work in the healthcare setting.

SkillBuilder Waste Management in Healthcare
This course is aimed at anyone working in the healthcare setting who may be responsible for producing, and disposing healthcare waste (it does not cover commercial collectors of healthcare waste). Good waste management is therefore about correct handling, treatment and disposal so that it is done safely, cost effectively and in a manner that does not impact negatively on the environment.

SkillBuilder The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is essential to businesses and organisations that wish to reach new customers or raise brand awareness.  Being connected to the internet wherever and whenever has transformed the way we interact with others, catch up on the news, learn about things and the way we buy things. 

SkillBuilder Introduction to Local Government
Local governments deliver a whole range of local services to people in their areas. Local government works differently depending on where you live in the UK, but the principles are generally the same. Local councils or authorities are statutory bodies and therefore subject to legal obligations to provide certain services. 

SkillBuilder Diversity in Leadership
Diversity in the workplace means employing people from diverse backgrounds. Organisations have worked really hard to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. Attention is now turning to their leaders to see if they truly represent the employee population mix.  This course is aimed at anyone interested in diversity in the workplace. It will identify why it is advantageous to have diversity in leadership and how businesses go about achieving their objective of having a diverse board.

SkillBuilder Recruit and Retain Talent in a Post-COVID Workplace
The challenges of the global pandemic have had a permanent impact on the workplace. Many business have lost experienced employees or have had to retrain the remaining people in the workforce. Globally there is a shift towards reskilling employees to make them fit for jobs of the future. This course is a snapshot of what can be done to get the best talent and deal with any skills shortages in a post-COVID business environment. It is meant for anyone interested in knowing more about reskilling and new methods of recruiting.

SkillBuilder Applying the FISH! Philosophy to Boost Morale and Productivity
This tutorial outlines:  the four principles of the FISH! Philosophy  the benefits of using FISH! how you can use the FISH! Philosophy to boost morale and productivity in your workplace.

SkillBuilder Communicating Across Generational Barriers
Most businesses have dispensed with a fixed retirement age and employees in their seventies or even eighties actively contribute in the workplace. At the other end of the spectrum, those in their late teens or early twenties are entering full-time employment. This wide age spectrum has proved both rewarding and challenging for employees and employers alike. This course is meant for anyone interested in knowing more about "generations" especially when such labels are used to describe workplace behaviour.

SkillBuilder Being a Workplace Ally
A good workplace culture is key to employee happiness, retention and productivity, especially where organisations promote diversity and inclusion. This course introduces the concept of allyship and how it can be used to ensure that all employees feel welcome and accepted irrespective of their background.

SkillBuilder Be like an Olympian - How to perform under pressure!
We all have pressures in life but what makes the difference between success and failure? In this tutorial, we have explored how successful people cope with extreme pressure and succeed. 

SkillBuilder Introduction to food allergies
Food hypersensitivity is an important issue for consumers, manufacturers and food businesses. This course is an awareness training on food hypersensitivity, an umbrella term for allergy, intolerance and coeliac disease. It is suitable for anyone who works with food or handles food as part of their job, such as those working in restaurants, catering, takeaways, or those handling food health and social care sectors.

SkillBuilder Dream Big! Make your goals a reality
Eleanor Roosevelt, longest-serving first lady of the United States, diplomat and activist, said, ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ Big dreams can make big things happen, but turning a dream into a reality takes time, effort and determination. 

SkillBuilder Introduction to Leasehold

This tutorial is an introduction to leasehold.

The tutorial will cover:

  • The legal context.
  • Key elements of leasehold management.
  • The role of the leasehold team.

SkillBuilder Introduction to Working Legally in the UK - for Managers
Employers are legally responsible for ensuring that their employees are working legally in the UK. This course is meant for managers and employers to gain an understanding of what is meant by working legally, and how to check the employment status of an potential employee. It is an awareness training only, and not meant to replace the government guidance (links provided in the course) or professional advice where needed.

SkillBuilder Introduction to IR35 Off-Payroll Working Rules
Off-payroll working rules are quite complex and apply to contractors who provide services through their personal services company. The way they are treated for tax purposes depends on multiple factors.

SkillBuilder Using BRAIN to Make Effective Decisions
We all have difficult decisions to make in life.  BRAIN is a simple, five stage model, that you can use to help you make informed choices or decisions.  BRAIN can be used by anyone faced with an important decision, as it helps people to explore a decision from all angles. 

SkillBuilder Financial Wellbeing
Financial wellbeing is all about feeling secure and in control of our finances.  We can all encounter financial storms due to illness, bereavement, loss of employment, unexpected bills or sudden increases to outgoings. How prepared we are for these, and how we react to financial insecurity is vital. 

SkillBuilder Monitoring Employees at Work
Employees can be monitored at work for various reasons and this may be a source of worry for employees. This tutorial explains the types of work place monitoring and the rules and regulations governing this practice.

SkillBuilder Introduction to the Financial Conduct Rules
A certain ethical standard of behaviour and accountability is required in all industries. The financial crisis in 2007 exposed failings in that sector which required improve regulation. The resulting Senior Managers and Certification Regime has clear guidance on the conduct expected from employees.

SkillBuilder MySQL - Further skills
This certificate will enable delegates to continue knowledge building with their database software. It will provide delegates with definitions of joins and aggregate functions and how to use them. 

SkillBuilder Processing and Transporting Dangerous Goods Awareness
‘Dangerous goods’ are substances that could damage property and the environment, and cause serious injury, or even death, during transit by land, sea or air. This tutorial provides an overview of how dangerous goods are classified, processed and transported, and the regulations that govern them. 

SkillBuilder Introduction to Data Protection
Data protection regulations protect how personal data of individuals is processed by businesses. There is a trade off between keeping data private and the requirement of data for business. Organisations should comply with data protection principles, and would otherwise be subject to hefty fines. This course introduces the basics of data protection.

SkillBuilder New and Expectant Mothers
Pregnant women and new mothers are particularly vulnerable to risks at work that may not normally be harmful. Employers have a legal obligation to protect them from such harm. This course is meant for anyone interested in understanding the employer's legal obligations towards new and expectant mothers. 

SkillBuilder Dealing with Damp and Mould for Housing
Damp and mould are issues faced by many households in the UK, but can cause distress, emotional or physical harm to tenants if not tackled promptly. This course is meant for anyone working in social housing to understand how it can become an issue for landlords and their tenants. A good understanding of this problem can help housing officers recognise the issues, and be able to provide information and support to their tenants.

SkillBuilder Understanding and Getting the Most from Hybrid Working
This tutorial outlines some of the key aspects of hybrid working and explains how you can support your employer, managers and colleagues to help make hybrid working a success. 

SkillBuilder Leading and Managing a Hybrid Workforce
This tutorial outlines some of the key aspects of hybrid working, and explains how you can use the elements of culture, people, technology and processes to design and implement an effective hybrid model of working. It also outlines ways to measure the success of hybrid working. 

SkillBuilder A Manager's Guide to Stress in the Workplace
Stress is a major threat to businesses. It is now the biggest single occupational health problem and costs British companies and organisations billions of pounds each year. People react differently to stress and managers need to be able address the problems of stress in the workplace. 

SkillBuilder Carbon Literacy and Net Zero
The way we live is affecting the environment and irrevocably damaging our planet. Becoming carbon literate allows us to understand why this is happening and will motivate us to do something about it. This course explains the meaning of terms such as "greenhouse gases", carbon emissions and how our activities are increasing the impact.

SkillBuilder An Introduction to MySQL
This certificate will enable delegates to get started with database software. It will provide delegates with instructions on how to download the software, define the different data types, insert data and tables and use basic statements.

SkillBuilder Health, Safety and Wellbeing for Homeworkers
This certificate is designed for anyone who works from home or remotely from their home or work base. Lone workers often work for long periods without close or direct supervision.  Home or remote workers have a part to play in taking care of their own health, safety and wellbeing, and ensuring that their actions don’t harm others.

SkillBuilder Creating a Great Home-Working Environment
Home working can have great benefits for you and your organisation but it can also have challenges. It is important to create the right environment, with the right equipment and atmosphere. 

SkillBuilder Manual Handling for Home Workers
This tutorial will benefit employees whose home-based work activities may involve an element of manual handling, for example moving boxes of paper or re-arranging furniture.

SkillBuilder Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls at Home
The home is the most common place for accidents. Around 6,000 deaths every year are caused by home accidents. Most accidents are as a result of falls, caused by slips or trips. These accidents can result in serious injury. 

SkillBuilder Fire and Electrical Safety in the Home
A house fire can be devastating and can occur at any time, without any warning. This tutorial is for anyone working from home to help them identify, reduce and eliminate the risks from fire. 

SkillBuilder Managing Stress, Isolation and Self-Motivation for Home-Workers
When you work from home or remotely, it is easy to feel disconnected and isolated. You may become stressed or lack motivation. Your positivity and wellbeing may suffer as a result. We all experience these feelings from time to time. It is important to recognise feelings of stress, isolation and demotivation and do something about them.

SkillBuilder Lone Working Safety for Home and Remote Workers
Home or remote workers tend to work for long periods without close supervision. Lone workers can be found in any sector.  Although lone workers aren’t statistically at higher risk of harm than others, they face unique risks as they carry out activities at home or away from base without immediate support. 

SkillBuilder Menopause Awareness at Work
Menopause is not commonly discussed at work, even though over half the workforce consists of women. As older women remain in employment, it has become relevant for organisations to raise awareness of its impact in the workplace. This tutorial is meant for all employees and for managers in any organisation. It raises awareness of issues relating to menopause, who is affected, legislation and work adjustments for those facing menopausal issues at work.

SkillBuilder Investigating Accidents and Incidents
Good health and safety measures can reduce or prevent accidents, but it is impossible to eliminate them. An accident investigation protocol enables lessons to be learnt by organisations and help prevent future accidents.  This tutorial will help all employees understand the importance of accident investigation, the definition of an accident and the relevant laws and associated procedures.

SkillBuilder Personal Hygiene in Food Manufacturing
Without good personal hygiene there is no food safety.  Even healthy humans are covered in and carry harmful bacteria.  Therefore, it is essential, if you work in food manufacturing, handling or preparation, to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene.

SkillBuilder An Employees’ Guide to Safety Signs
Safety signs are designed to help everyone stay safe in the working environment.  It is important that everyone understands and follows safety signs used in the workplace to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

SkillBuilder How to be a Successful Visionary
Great leaders are successful visionaries.  A leadership vision should inspire and lead to improvement, growth and success.  But how do you create, share and communicate your leadership vision? This tutorial will outline some key aspects to becoming a successful visionary leader.

SkillBuilder EDI – Exploring the Nine Protected Characteristics
The Equality Act 2010 provides protection for people discriminated against because they have, or are perceived to have, one of nine personal characteristics, or are associated with someone who has one. This course defines each of the nine protected characteristics, outlines in more detail how employees can be discriminated against and what is regarded as lawful discrimination. Real-life case studies and scenarios are used throughout to illustrate. 

SkillBuilder Managing Equality and Diversity for Senior Managers
The course covers important terms such as equality, diversity, inclusion, discrimination and protected characteristics. It also outlines steps that senior management can take to make their business a truly inclusive one for all their employees.

SkillBuilder Fraud Awareness for Housing
Fraud affects 1 in 4 small businesses each year. No one is immune from being targeted by fraudsters. This course covers the key areas for housing associations to look out for.

SkillBuilder Introduction to the Care Act 2014
This course is for anyone working in adult social care or on the front line dealing with adults who require care and support. It is meant for those with some working knowledge or familiarity with the Care Act. 

SkillBuilder Promoting British Values
Since 2014 schools have been required to actively promote British values. These values are promoted through the school's Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development curriculum. 

SkillBuilder Understanding Hate Crime
Hate incidents are acts of violence or hostility, directed at people because of who they are. Hate crime is difficult not only for victims, but their family and the local community. It is important to understand what is recognised as a hate crime and how victims can get supported when they are subjected to such an incident.

SkillBuilder Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act
The Mental Capacity Act (2005) protects and empowers people who may not have the mental capacity to make their own decisions. Anyone who works with or cares for a person who may lack mental capacity should be aware of the law and how it should be applied.

This course is aimed at managers and senior management in the health, social care, housing or any sector that requires them to deal with people who may lack capacity. It covers important concepts such as 'capacity', best interest decisions and deprivation of a person's liberty. There are some fictitious case studies based on real life scenarios.

SkillBuilder Anti-Money Laundering in Practice (Republic of Ireland)
Money Laundering is a big, global problem with billions of pounds a year being laundered through national institutions.  This course provides a detailed introduction to money laundering activities and anti-money laundering legislation and procedures for anyone involved in financial transactions.  

SkillBuilder Data Protection: Compliance Following GDPR (Republic of Ireland)
This introductory tutorial is designed to give you an overview of data regulations in the Republic of Ireland and the differences between Irish law and EU regulation. It will help you identify how the GDPR will impact your organisation and your own role within it. It will outline how to deal with access requests and data breaches.

SkillBuilder Manual Handling for Office Workers
This tutorial will benefit individuals whose job involves an element of manual handling.

SkillBuilder Understanding and Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour
Anti-social behaviour is behaviour that harasses, alarms or distresses or conduct that causes a nuisance or annoyance. It can seriously affect individuals, families and whole communities. 

SkillBuilder Deskercises for Wellbeing
Working at the desk all day and staring at computer screens can cause or worsen shoulder, back and neck pain. This tutorial teaches you exercises to relieve those niggling back or wrist pain, sitting right at your desk! 

SkillBuilder Reward Yourself with a Digital Detox
A good digital detox is great for your physical and mental wellbeing and rejuvenates you emotionally. This course contains ideas, tips and methods to do a successful digital detox.

SkillBuilder Understanding PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance
The payment card industry encompasses all merchants and organisations that process, transmit or store cardholder data, for example, from debit cards and credit cards. The course will discuss the regulations, who they apply to and how they work.

SkillBuilder Using Display Screen Equipment when Working from Home (Republic of Ireland)
This course applies to all users of display screen equipment while working from home. It includes information related to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, (General Application) Regulations 2007.

SkillBuilder Cyber Awareness and Staying Safe Online (Republic of Ireland)
In today’s digital world, work and personal life involve being online regularly, and without appropriate care it is easy for criminals to get access to private information, banking and password details.

SkillBuilder Understanding the Safeguarding of Adults at Risk for Housing Associations
This course is designed for individuals who are employed in a housing role or work in a voluntary capacity with vulnerable adults with support or care needs.

SkillBuilder Understanding the Safeguarding of Children and Young People for Housing Associations
This course is designed for individuals who are employed in a housing role or work in a voluntary capacity at a non-managerial level with children and young people.

SkillBuilder Safety for Lone Workers for Housing Associations
Although lone workers aren’t statistically at higher risk of harm than others, they face unique risks as they go about their work without immediate support. It’s important for all lone workers to understand these risks, know how to deal with them effectively and what to do in an emergency.

SkillBuilder Learning Disability and Autism Awareness
This is an introductory course to learning disability or autism awareness. It is meant for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of these two conditions.

SkillBuilder Introduction to Medical Devices
This course provides an introduction to what a medical device means along with examples. It is aimed at anyone working in healthcare who needs to use any medical device as part of their work.

SkillBuilder Informed Consent
All patients have a fundamental right to be involved in decisions about their health. They need to decide what is good for them and agree to the treatment provided. Whose responsibility is it to make sure this happens? Is it the patient themselves? Is it the hospital or doctor treating them? What is the difference between just agreeing to have treatment and informed consent? This course will cover all of these points.

SkillBuilder Allergy and Anaphylaxis
This course is meant for anyone who is interested in knowing about allergy, anaphylaxis and the current recommended anaphylaxis protocol.

SkillBuilder Chaperone Policy
This course is suitable for anyone working in the healthcare environment and would like understand what is meant by a chaperone and what should be good practice in the use of chaperones.

SkillBuilder FCA - Claims Handling
This tutorial provides an overview of the FCA’s Claims Handling regulations, requirements and standards and highlights key aspects of the claims handling journey. 

SkillBuilder Managing Absence for Managers
This tutorial is aimed at managers and provides handy hints on conducting effective return to work interviews. It also explains the more formal absence management process.

SkillBuilder Introduction to Absence Management
This course is suitable for all employees whether new or experienced. It helps them understand key features of an absence management policy and terms used in such policies. 

SkillBuilder FCA – Complaints Handling
This course provides an overview of claims handling regulations and the claims handling process. 

SkillBuilder Management in a Housing Association
This course will introduce you to the management of a housing association including issues such as complaints handling, repairs and maintenance.

SkillBuilder Introduction to Housing Associations
This course will introduce candidates to the basics of what a housing association is, the way it functions and who is eligible to get a housing association home.

SkillBuilder Tenancy in a housing association home
This course will cover important terminology such as assured tenancy, choice based lettings and mutual exchange. It will also outline ways in which housing associations can help tenants in a mutual exchange scheme.

SkillBuilder Regulating Housing Associations
This course will cover a Regulator's role in regulation, reason why it is done. Candidates will also learn about Regulatory standards and the process of conducting an in-depth assessment.

SkillBuilder Managing Tenant Issues
The work of staff in a housing association may require dealing with various issues. Some are routine such as rent arrears or repairs. Other matters may be more complex and require special procedures to be put in place. This course is suitable for anyone interested in issues that can occur in a housing association.

SkillBuilder Meeting Diverse Needs in Housing
Housing associations increasingly deal with diverse and distinct needs of their population.  The spectrum is quite large. In this tutorial we will look at the different types of needs catered for, the measures adopted by housing associations and the legal compliance.

SkillBuilder Modern Slavery Awareness for Housing Associations
This tutorial will outline what modern slavery is, who's affected by modern slavery, how to identify the problem and what to do if you suspect modern slavery is taking place.

In addition, it outlines some of the key issues and responsibilities for Housing Associations and their employees. 

SkillBuilder Sanctions in General Insurance
This tutorial on Sanctions in General Insurance is designed to give an overview of UK and international sanctions regimes and how they affect the insurance market. 

SkillBuilder FCA - Conflicts of Interest
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) places clear expectations on financial firms to minimise, if not remove, the material risk of damage to clients through conflicts of interest. 

SkillBuilder The Changing Landscape of Housing Associations
There are rapid changes to the way housing associations function. This include economic, functional and legislative changes. All housing association staff need to be aware of this change landscape on the horizon. This course will suit all levels of employees who work in a housing association.

SkillBuilder A Guide to the FCA Handbook and Regulations
This tutorial provides an overview of the FCA handbook and the regulations within it. 

SkillBuilder An Overview of the FCA
This course introduces the work of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

SkillBuilder The Power of Networking in a Changing World
Being able to network successfully can really boost your business and help you to make useful connections with other professionals.

SkillBuilder Advanced Data Protection and the Role of the Data Protection Officer
This course builds on previous information from our introductory course, Data Protection: Compliance Following GDPR.

SkillBuilder Using Social Media Responsibly
This course will benefit everyone who uses social media for work purposes or in their personal life.

SkillBuilder Introduction to Whistleblowing
Whistleblowing is the term used when a worker passes on information concerning wrongdoing, usually at work. This is known as ‘making a disclosure’ or ‘blowing the whistle’.

SkillBuilder Understanding Gifts and Hospitality Regulations
This tutorial provides an overview of the key elements involved in dealing with Gifts and Hospitality. The course is suitable for all employees.

SkillBuilder Learning at Work Week Competition - 17th-23rd May

This May we will be running a competition to promote Learning at Work Week, with £100 of Amazon vouchers up for grabs!

Starting on Monday 17th May, we will be sending out three training courses - one on Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday - from the SkillGate Infinity Library for users to complete over the course of the week. Hidden within each course will be a 'clue'. The three clues within the courses will collectively provide the winning answer.

Once users have identified the answer from the clues sent out throughout the week, they must send it to us to be in with a chance of winning.

How To Get Involved

  • You must have SkillGate Headlines emails switched on in order to receive the courses in which the clues are hidden. The competition will go out instead of the usual weekly Headlines email.
  • If you do not have Headlines emails switched on, get in touch and we can get this updated for you. If you do not want your organisation to receive Headlines emails after the competition, we can easily switch them off again once the competition is over.
  • Customers who already have Headlines emails switched on, will be automatically included in the competition so please let us know if you do NOT want to be involved.
  • Competition entries must be sent to by midnight on Monday 24th May to be in with a chance of winning.
  • The winner and runners up will be selected at random on Tuesday 25th May, and the prize will be issued, via email, that week.
  • Let us know if you would like to get involved and we can switch Headlines emails on for you ahead of 17th May!

    SkillBuilder Environmental Sustainability in Business

    Human beings affect the environment in many ways and business activities play a key role. With increased awareness of environmental impact the way business is done is changing.  This course is aimed at middle level managers who know the basics of environmental issues such as pollution and climate change.

     By the end of this course candidates will know:

    • Examples of business activities that impact the environment
    • Key Points about the Carbon Literacy Project
    • How business decision making can reduce the impact
    • The role of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Circular Economy in environmental sustainability
    • About carbon footprint and reducing an organisation's foot print through process changes. 

    Reviewed Nov 2021

    SkillBuilder The Importance of Environmental Sustainability

    This course introduces the definition of environmental sustainability.  It covers environmental issues that make sustainability so important and the consequences of not doing so.  

    At the end of this course candidates will know:

    • The definition of environmental sustainability
    • Factors that impact the environment 
    • The reality of pollution and climate change
    • Environment bill and other UK laws
    • What businesses do for environmental sustainability
    • Individuals helping environmental sustainability.

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder Boost Your Chances of Success at Interview

    Do you want to get the job you’re going for? Do you want to give yourself the best chance of success? 

    Get yourself ready for your next big step by taking this course and boost your chances of success at interview.

    This tutorial looks at:

    • Key steps you need to take to prepare properly for your interview
    • Strategies to help you control interview nerves and feel more relaxed and confident
    • How to make a great impression at interview 
    • Ways to build rapport with the interviewer and boost your impact
    • What to do at the end of the interview and how to follow up afterwards.

    SkillBuilder Delivering Great Virtual Learning Experiences

    For some, the term training ‘webinar’ strikes fear into their hearts. However, it is vital for organisations to able to provide great virtual training experiences to their remote employees to keep mandatory training up to date, as well as provide new training opportunities. 

    By completing this tutorial, you should feel more equipped and confident to be able to plan and deliver virtual learning experiences and activities.

    This tutorial will outline:

    • The advantages and disadvantages of conducting learning webinars
    • The range of delivery platforms and tools for learning 
    • How to identify the learning purpose, audience and objectives for your session
    • Key techniques to improve the planning of learning experiences 
    • How to prepare for and present a live lesson
    • How to engage and motivate delegates and maintain their attention 
    • Appropriate questioning and giving constructive feedback
    • Simple ways to evaluate and follow up your virtual learning.

    SkillBuilder The Pomodoro Technique

    Do you struggle to meet deadlines or stay on task?

    The Pomodoro Technique is an easy and effective way to organise your working time.

    It takes its name from the Italian word for tomato and the tomato shaped kitchen timer that its creator, Francesco Cirillo, used as a university student.

    This tutorial outlines:

    • How the technique works
    • The six core stages
    • The advantages of using the Pomodoro technique
    • Different ways to access and record your pomodoros.


    SkillBuilder Kickstart Training Programme Now Available!

    For customers applying to the government's Kickstart scheme, we have launched our Kickstart Training Programme to support your organisation’s application.

    Participants have the option to work towards their Kickstart Certificate, with subjects covered including time-management, teamwork, CV writing, interview preparation and much more, in line with the Government scheme conditions.

    Designed to help young workers develop their skills and experience, as well as offering careers’ support, the package has been carefully crafted to ensure it covers the training requirements laid out by the Kickstart scheme.

    For further details on what subjects the programme covers and how it works, click here.

    SkillBuilder An Introduction to Agile Working

    ‘Work is an activity we do, rather than a place we go to.’

    Agile working is designed to find the most appropriate, responsive and effective ways of working. It’s about working smarter and more flexibly. 

    With workplace challenges such as stress, work-life balance, soaring costs and our impact on the environment, agile working practices could offer the solution. 

    This tutorial will help you to:

    • define what agile working is and how it differs from flexible and SMART working
    • recall the aims and principles of agile working
    • recognise the four dimensions to agile working 
    • recognise the challenges of creating an agile workplace
    • understand how to make agile working work for you
    • recognise the benefits of agile working.

    SkillBuilder Understanding Duty of Care

    Everyone who works in social care has a legal obligation to provide a duty of care.

    This means taking all steps, which are reasonably practicable, to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of those they care for.

    The course provides several scenario based exercises to explain and teach the learner the fundamentals of duty of care.

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder Does Happiness Equal Productivity?

    "Happiness is a state of activity."

    Performance directly correlates to happiness.

    Warwick University conducted research that found that happy employees were 12% more productive.

    Click on the link to find out three things that you can do to boost happiness (and productivity) in the workplace.


    SkillBuilder Are You the Entrepreneurial Type?

    Before you start a business you need to ask yourself if you are the right type of person.

    Research has shown that the main reason to become an entrepreneur is to avoid working for others!

    However being an entrepreneur is hard work - most will fail - find out if you have got what it takes by taking our quiz.

    Discover the traits that successful entrepreneurs have in common and setbacks some of the world's most famous and successful entrepreneurs have faced.

    SkillBuilder Basics of a Family Budget

    Money management skills are essential survival skills, but not something that any of us possess inherently. The good news is that it can be learnt.  A basic family budget is a must for successful money management. 

    On completing this course candidates will know:

    • Important budgeting terminology,
    • Reasons why everyone should have a budget plan
    • How to prepare before creating a plan
    • How to read the results of a simple budget and
    • Where to go for help if further help is needed with financial management 

    SkillBuilder How to Ace an Online Interview

    An online interview has become an increasingly popular part of the recruitment process. 

    They are conducted remotely through a video conferencing or audio platform either live or pre-recorded. 

    This tutorial will outline how to: 

    • recognise the different types of virtual interview that you could encounter
    • set up and test your technology prior to an interview
    • curate your interview space to make the best impression on the interviewer
    • understand the importance of practising your video conferencing skills beforehand
    • present yourself positively during a video interview
    • begin and end a video interview successfully
    • follow up your interview effectively

    SkillBuilder Noise Awareness

    Noise is one of the most common occupational health hazards. Exposure to noise at work can cause irreversible hearing loss. 

    Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable if the risks are properly assessed and right control measures put in place. 

    Being aware of how excessive or prolonged exposure can damage hearing is essential for all employees working in noisy environments.

    This tutorial will outline: 

    • the effects of prolonged exposure to loud noise on hearing 
    • how to measure noise levels and what is acceptable
    • employer and employee responsibilities under noise regulations
    • how to assess noise risks 
    • how to reduce risks with suitable control measures and PPE, as a last resort 
    • how the human ear works and the impact of loud noise.

    Reviewed May 2022


    SkillBuilder Using Display Screen Equipment when Working from Home

    This course is Assured by RoSPA.

    This course applies to all users of display screen equipment while working from home. 

    On completing the course you will know:

    • Important definitions including what is a DSE, a DSE user and workstation
    • Health risks associated with improper use of DSE
    • Risks posed by use of non-standard working stations when working from home
    • Adjustments that can be made to reduce back, leg or eye problems when working with DSE from home.

    A Learner Support and Specialist Needs policy is available to the learner and the manager. It is available here. 

    You are required to work your way through each section of this course. At the end of the tutorial, there will a short test comprising a series of questions to test your understanding of the content. To pass the test you must achieve at least 80%.

    This e-learning tutorial only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all-round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    This course is Assured by RoSPA.

    The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential if other control measures are unable to reduce risk to an acceptable level. 

    This tutorial is essential for anyone who requires to use PPE regularly. It will outline: 

    • The importance of the correct selection, use and maintenance of PPE to prevent injury
    • Employer and employee responsibilities under PPE regulations
    • Key PPE signs and the corresponding equipment  
    • Suitable PPE for particular parts of the body and work situations.

    A Learner Support and Specialist Needs policy is available to the learner and the manager. It is available here. 

    You are required to work your way through each section of this course. At the end of the tutorial, there will a short test comprising a series of questions to test your understanding of the content. To pass the test you must achieve at least 80%.

    This e-learning tutorial only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all-round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder Your Safe Return to Work - Post Covid-19

    The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an unprecedented lockdown of families, education establishments, businesses and leisure facilities in the UK since mid-March.

    As restrictions are eased in a phased re-opening of businesses and schools, the government has outlined its guidance for the recovery plan.

    This tutorial outlines:  

    • The government’s new strategy for easing social distancing restrictions and alert levels
    • The need for proper risk assessment, involvement of staff in planning and adherence to government guidance
    • Common business and personal measures to be taken in the workplace and when travelling to and from work to minimise exposure and transmission of Covid-19
    • Personal and workplace hygiene precautions
    • Managing personal interactions
    • The need to recognise emotional/psychological impact of returning to the work 
    • Wellbeing support measures for the workplace. 

    SkillBuilder Create a Great CV

    Having a great CV is the starting point to getting a new job. 

    A CV is a personal marketing tool which should showcase you to a prospective employer. It should get you noticed and secure you an interview!

    Creating a super CV can be daunting. This tutorial will outline: 

    • What constitutes a good CV and its key purpose
    • The three different types of CV and the reasons why each are used
    • Appropriate CV formats and what information to include
    • How to identify what makes you stand out from the crowd and find your Unique Selling Point (USP)
    • How to identify your key skills and strengths and find examples of when you have shown these
    • How to create and layout a great CV

    SkillBuilder Introduction to Medication Awareness

    This course introduces basic concepts of how medicines should be handled and administered, the laws governing medicine handling in health and social care, principles behind safe medicine handling and protecting an individual's rights when medicine is being administered in a social care setting.

    This is an online course meant to raise awareness, and not meant to replace face to face workplace training.

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder Coping with Isolation

    Anyone can feel isolated or lonely, at any time of their lives. It can be for a short period of time or last long term. 

    Isolation and loneliness can damage our physical and mental health, impact our wellbeing and shorten our life expectancy. 

    So how do we learn to cope with or combat isolation and loneliness, especially in times of crisis?

    This tutorial draws together some great guidance and tips from experts in dealing with isolation and loneliness. It also gives you an opportunity to reflect on your personal needs and create an action plan to help you combat isolation. 

    SkillBuilder Wellbeing - The Science of Happiness

    A healthy mind is just as important as a health body. We need to take care of our overall wellbeing. 

    Improving our wellbeing has major benefits for our physical and psychological health. It also helps us to cope in tough times. 

    In this tutorial, you will learn:

    • What wellbeing means
    • To measure your levels of happiness and wellbeing
    • To reframe negative thoughts and emotions
    • The five key areas of wellbeing and ways to improve each area
    • How to build resilience
    • About the terms prospection, savouring, gratitude and mindfulness and how each impacts a person’s wellbeing
    • Ways to improve wellbeing even in difficult times 
    • The physical and mental health benefits of improving wellbeing

    SkillBuilder Decoding Body Language

    When we talk to each other face to face, a lot of the information we exchange is not through the words we say but through our body language. 

    Body language is the set of nonverbal gestures, movements, postures and facial expressions we use to help communicate our feelings, thoughts and intentions to others.

    This can be vital in our everyday interactions at work or socially. If we can decode other people’s body language effectively, it may help us build rapport and trust with a new client, seal a lucrative deal or make useful connections at a networking event. 

    This tutorial outlines:

    • How important body language is in our everyday interactions
    • How body language is best interpreted in 'clusters'
    • How to decode or interpret body language using the 5Cs of Nonverbal Communication.  

    SkillBuilder Business Cards Matter!

    Are your business cards effectively promoting you and your business?

    Do you get the most out of business cards you receive and build meaningful business relationships?

    This tutorial will outline:
    •    Why business cards are important
    •    Ideas for giving your business cards impact
    •    The pros and cons of traditional and digital business cards
    •    The essential details to include on your card
    •    How you can turn the exchange of business cards into productive business relationships.

    SkillBuilder Driving Safely for Work

    This course is meant for all employees who drive a vehicle as part of their work.  On completing the course, the candidate will understand the risks that are inherent to driving whether for work or for personal reasons.  They can identify employer and employee responsibilities to reduce the risk and enable safe driving for work. 

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder Fire Safety

    This course is Assured by RoSPA.

    This tutorial will benefit all individuals who need fire safety training.

    Once you have completed this tutorial you will understand:

    • The different types of fire alarms.
    • The different types of fire extinguishers.
    • The fire action plan.
    • What you should do in the event of a fire.

    A Learner Support and Specialist Needs policy is available to the learner and the manager. It is available here .

    You are required to work your way through each section of this course. At the end of the tutorial there will a short test comprising a series of questions to test your understanding of the content. To pass the test you must achieve at least 80%.

    This e-learning tutorial only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all-round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder The Power of Networking

    Being able to network successfully can really boost your business. 

    This tutorial will:

    • Outline why networking is important
    • Dispel myths surrounding networking activities
    • Detail the three stages of the networking process
    • Give some useful tips for your networking
    • Outline how business cards can help you make an impact.

    SkillBuilder Working Safely - An Introduction to Health & Safety for Employees

    This course is Assured by RoSPA.

    This tutorial will benefit employees who need a basic understanding of workplace health and safety.

    Once you have completed this tutorial you will understand:

    • The consequences of unsafe behaviour and neglecting to act.
    • The accident triangle.
    • How to ‘Think Safe’.
    • Health and safety policies and procedures.
    • Your responsibilities with regards to health and safety.
    • How to recognise hazards and control risks.

    The key message of this course is: Recognise a health and safety risk and do something about it!

    A Learner Support and Specialist Needs policy is available to the learner and the manager. It is available here .

    You are required to work your way through each section of this course. At the end of the tutorial there will a short test comprising a series of questions to test your understanding of the content. To pass the test you must achieve at least 80%.

    This e-learning tutorial only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all-round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder Drug & Alcohol Awareness

    Drugs and alcohol are a problem in the workplace.  This tutorial is designed to introduce employees to the basics of what is meant by drug and alcohol misuse, why it is an issue in the workplace and laws and policies that govern misuse.

    Reviewed May 2022

    SkillBuilder Advanced Brainstorming

    Brainstorming is the most commonly used tool for generating new ideas and solving problems.

    There are as many different brainstorming techniques as there are problems! However, often we get stuck in a rut and brainstorming becomes boring and unproductive!

    This tutorial explains the key ground rules for successful brainstorming.

    It outlines a variety of great brainstorming techniques and shows you how to use them.

    Depending on your situation you may want to try one or all of them!

    SkillBuilder Managing Your Emails Effectively

    More than 290 billion emails are sent every day and it feels, to some, as if they have received almost as many into their inboxes when they get to work in the morning. 

    How do you deal with an overloaded inbox?

    This tutorial outlines:

    • Some key facts and figures about emails
    • The principles of managing emails
    • The Five Folders model for organising emails
    • The 5Ds approach to processing and replying to emails
    • Some top tips for getting on top of your emails 


    SkillBuilder Introduction to Problem Solving

    “Best way to escape from problems is to solve them”
                                                                                                      Robert Newton Anthony

    This tutorial will introduce you to the key questions you need to ask before solving a problem and the IDEAL methodology of problem solving whether in the workplace or in your personal life.

    SkillBuilder Encouraging Creativity at Work

    This course aims to;

    • demonstrate how creative thinking/creativity can be used to engage, innovate and analyse 
    • provide everyone with different tools and techniques to help them think and work creatively
    • outline ways to foster a creative working environment.

    SkillBuilder Get Rid of Stress - Tutorial

    Stress is a flight or fight response, which when prolonged can be harmful to the mind and body. This course will teach you the 4 'A's of stress management that can help you manage and minimise stressful factors in your personal or work life.

    SkillBuilder Build Your Self-Confidence - Tutorial

    Confidence is about feeling good about yourself and in your ability to tackle challenges.  An easy way to gain confidence is to know your own strengths. This tutorial will teach you to identify and play to your strengths.  You will also learn to use reframing of negative thoughts that can erode your self-confidence.

    SkillBuilder Emotional Intelligence - Tutorial

    We all agree that there is more to success than a high IQ ( intelligence quotient).  This additional characteristic that determines success has been found to be emotional intelligence (EI or EQ).  This tutorial will introduce you to the concept of emotional intelligence and why it makes good sense to develop this type of intelligence.

    SkillBuilder Learning at Work Week Competition Winners

    We were delighted with the level of entries we had into our Learning at Work Week competition last week. Thank you to everyone who got involved - we hope you enjoyed searching for our 'clues'!

    The hidden phrase was of course 'Shaping the Future' - the theme associated with this year's Learning at Work Week campaign.

    Due to the number of entries that we had, we have decided that, in addition to the £100 voucher star prize, we are giving away 4 additional £20 voucher prizes for runners up. The winners are as follows:

  • Star prize: Eyman Niroomand, Cardiff & Vale College
  • Runner Up: Kellie Mogan, Plus Dane
  • Runner Up: Michael McConnell, NHS Lanarkshire
  • Runner Up: Annabel Ellis, Grand Union Housing
  • Runner Up: Claire Rigby, National Portrait Gallery
  • Congratulations to all our winners!

    SkillBuilder Mental Health Awareness Week

    Mental health is an important part of overall health and wellbeing and can be affected by different factors.
    This course will explain what mental health is, factors that can affect mental health, and reasonable adjustments and steps that can be taken to support mental health.

    There is also a list of support options available at the end of the course.

    The course covers:

    • What is Mental Health?
    • Factors Influencing Mental Health
    • Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Phobias
    • Stigma
    • Reasonable Adjustments
    • Five Steps to Good Mental Health
    • Sources of Support

    SkillBuilder Persuasion & Influence - SkillBuilder blended programme

    This course aims to;

    • outline the essential knowledge and skills needed to develop the ability to influence others
    • provide strategies to help improve their performance
    • highlight key ways that individuals can improve their influencing.

    SkillBuilder Becoming the Leader you want to be - SkillBuilder blended programme
    The latest SkillBuilder blended programme available focuses on leadership. It includes the following new tutorials, which are also available as standalone courses:
  • What is Leadership?
  • What type of Leader are you?
  • Are you using the right leadership style?
  • Do you want to transform your leadership capability?
  • Successful leadership in difficult times
  • Winning Hearts and Minds - Motivational Leadership

  • 13/03/2019
    SkillBuilder Managing Time & Priorities - SkillBuilder blended programme

    Let’s get started with Time Management

    Not as organised as you’d like to be? Not achieving everything you want to do?

    Work smarter.

    Learn how to get more done, avoid the obstacles and distractions that get in the way of good time management, and regain control of your days.

    These four modules contain practical strategies plus a great range of effective techniques to help you achieve more, quicker;

    • Make the Most of Your Time – understand what you are currently spending your time doing and make a plan to boost your productivity
    • Stop Procrastinating... Now! – develop techniques for kicking the habit of ‘putting things off’
    • Use Your Time Wisely - The Urgent/Important Matrix - learn how to use four categories to divide tasks and achieve more
    • Achieve More With Less - The 80/20 Rule – discover the ‘Pareto Principle’ and the importance of focusing your efforts in areas that produce a disproportionate amount of output.

    SkillBuilder Infection Prevention and Control - Regulatory programme
    Infection prevention and control is a top priority for anyone working in health or social care. By understanding and applying your knowledge of infections you can protect yourself, your colleagues, patients, clients or the general public from the risk of healthcare associated infections.

    SkillBuilder Coaching for Performance - SkillBuilder blended programme

    This course aims to;

    • Outline key learning styles and how to match these to activities
    • Provide participants with information on coaching techniques to improve feedback meetings
    • Highlight the different ways people learn through the Learning Cycle

    SkillBuilder New Style Tutorials
    You may have noticed that various tutorials in your Infinity Libraries are looking a little different. This is because our production team has been redesigning and updating some of our courses to make them more dynamic and interactive.

    The new-look courses have been designed to incorporate different learning methods. They include the use of animation, video, voice-over and gamification to improve understanding, recall and knowledge retention.

    New format tutorials currently available include:

  • What is Negotiation?
  • Preparing for Negotiation
  • The Negotiating Toolkit
  • How to be an Influencing Star
  • What is your Conflict Management Style?
  • Effective Teamwork - Understanding Team Roles
  • How to Build a High Performing Team
  • Why are you so Angry? The 8 Causes of Conflict
  • The Positive Side of Conflict
  • Motivate for a Happy Workforce
  • Conduct an Effective Team Briefing
  • Great Team Building Exercises
  • Working With Difficult Colleagues
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Become a Better Communicator
  • Using the LAER Method
  • Ask Better Questions
  • The Importance of Empathy
  • The Rule of Three - The Secret of Successful Communication

  • 15/11/2018
    SkillBuilder Advanced Data Protection post EU-GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018
    This new course, designed to follow our 'Data Protection: Compliance Following GDPR Course,' builds on information from the introductory course and covers:
  • Different aspects of data
  • Ensuring compliance through Impact Assessments
  • Other relevant Acts to Data Protection
  • Key compliance issues following GDPR
  • Data Protection Act 2018 adaptations
  • Protecting employees' data
  • Anonymisation

  • 14/08/2018
    SkillBuilder Safe Driving
    This course is meant for all employees who drive a vehicle as part of their work. On completing the course, the candidate will understand the risks that are inherent to driving whether for work or for personal reasons. They can identify employer and employee responsibilities to reduce the risk and enable safe driving for work.

    SkillBuilder Safeguarding for Children and Young People - Designated Officers and Leads
    This tutorial provides supplementary information to our introductory safeguarding course. It is important to have already completed that course to ensure understanding the key types and signs of abuse and how to behave appropriately around children. This course will cover:
  • the role and responsibility of the Designated Safeguarding Lead/Officer
  • relevant aspects of key legislation and guidance that shape safeguarding procedures for children
  • safeguarding definitions and key principles and outcomes for effective safeguarding policy and procedures
  • changing role of the Local Authority and safeguarding partners
  • responding to safeguarding concerns and making referrals
  • barriers to intervention and referral and reporting
  • confidentiality, sharing of information and recording practices
  • awareness of the emotional impact of dealing with safeguarding issues and how to support others

  • 11/07/2018
    SkillBuilder Universal Credit for Housing Associations
    One of the key aims of Universal Credit is to help more people into work. It has been designed to reflect the technological world in which we live and societal changes that have become part of our everyday.

    However, as with many welfare changes there is a lot of information to be digested, a lot of detail to be considered and a lot of questions to be asked.

    Our new Universal Credit SkillBuilder course, tailored specifically for Housing Associations, will focus on the following:

  • How to give advice and support to residents who are applying for, or are currently claiming, Universal Credit
  • Understand how a Universal Credit claim is made, calculated and managed
  • Recall details of the four key impacts of Universal Credit for Housing Association residents
  • Understand how Universal Credit will impact Housing Associations and change how they receive rent payments and manage arrears
  • Outline the Universal Credit process, facts and figures and recognise potential advantages and disadvantages of the system
  • The in-depth modular course combines ebriefings, tutorials and assignments to deliver a blended learning experience which will cover all bases regarding the new Universal Credit reforms. A combination of self-study, webinars and tutor contact, will not only teach the facts, but will also make sure that users retain the information and consider its wider implications.

    SkillBuilder Business Ethics - Working Wisely
    We have created a new course that addresses business ethics.

    On completion of this tutorial candidates will be able to identify core values constituting ethics in business.

    They will be able to recognise key ethical issues that businesses face and apply standards of responsible ethical behaviour to work scenarios.

    SkillBuilder Data Protection: Compliance Following GDPR
    This introductory tutorial is designed to give you an overview of data regulations in the UK and EU and help you identify how they will impact your organisation and your own role within it. It will outline how to deal with access requests and data breaches.

    By the end of the course you will;

  • understand the key principles of the GDPR and how these are implemented under UK law
  • know what they and their organisation must do to be compliant with new legislation
  • be able to identify personal data and their organisation’s obligations in respect of it
  • know what a SAR is and how to deal with individual data requests under new legislation
  • know what to do in the event of a data incident or breach.

  • 18/06/2018
    SkillBuilder Keeping Your Meeting On Track
    We have created this course to focus on running effective meetings. Meetings are only effective if they have a clear purpose, are well organised and engaging and achieve a meaningful result.

    Our course will help you learn how to:

  • recognise the key ingredients for a successful meeting
  • use a range of techniques to engage participants in your meeting
  • use a range of techniques to refocus an off-track meeting.

  • 18/06/2018
    SkillBuilder Preparing for Meetings
    We’ve created a new course which looks at how to prepare an engaging and focused meeting.

    This course will help you learn how to:

  • identify the purpose of a meeting
  • plan and prepare effectively for a meeting
  • create a clear agenda for a meeting.

  • Note: Infinity Library, Regulatory and Professional content developments and updates. Details may vary from site to site. Full information for all these items is available from your SkillGate account manager.