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Technical Upgrades

 Technical News and Updates

SkillBuilder Development of 360 Degree Feedback Software

The 360 system now has a new dashboard environment where administrators can select and manage all appraisers for each delegate; view appraiser progress on completing individual forms; and view the overall report.

SkillBuilder Classroom Wrapper Autorenew

We have modified the Classroom diary so that Users are no longer automatically reminded that they have to complete a classroom programme by the Traffic Light system - even if no classroom courses are scheduled.

Such Users are put into a pending group and are visible via the course Capacity Planner. They can be invited manually to book once courses have been scheduled.

SkillBuilder Improvements to the classroom scheduler and capacity planner

1. We have simplified the classroom capacity planner so that It how shows capacity estimates by quarter and only two rows of data:

  • anticipated registrations by quarter
  • and number of classes scheduled/places available per quarter

2. One issue that has very become relevant during the pandemic is compliance required re-registrations on classroom programmes where there are no programmes for delegates to book.

To deal with this we have modified the diary. If there are no courses to book. The diary moves delegates to ‘pending’ and will NOT re-register them. It checks each day to see if courses have become available and will register delegates only if so.

It will NOT move delegates to Non Compliant if it is impossible for them to book courses.

Administrators can view pending delegates on the capacity planner in the (Past) column and the diary list.

3. We have modified the Classroom Administrator Home page to include;

  • a ‘quick access’ Courses Planned option that lists all courses scheduled with places booked
  • and a capacity list that shows all courses requiring actions

SkillBuilder Quiz Editor Improvement

The permitted character length has been increased for Quiz Editor answer fields in WhizzAuthor.

SkillBuilder SkillsAudit Update

Improvements have been made to the SkillsAudit system so that it now integrates with the My Study system.

SkillBuilder Introducing PinBoard

As part of our drive to implement more social learning aspects to the SkillGate LMS we have introduced PinBoard (as an option).

It sits within the My Study section of the LMS. It currently allows users and line managers to ‘pin’ individual objects (quizzes, tutorials, images, videos, etc.) that they think useful or interesting to each other’s ‘pinboards’.

Ultimately we will add a feature whereby ‘friends’ can also participate.

SkillBuilder Development of Kickstart Programme Environment

The Kickstart portal system is proving very popular with companies taking on new entrants. In addition to featuring highly relevant content and a sign-off mechanism, we have modified the 3rd party portal system so that:

  • The InTouch Headline system can send specific Kickstart Headline emails automatically twice a week.
  • Line managers from the main LMS can monitor progress of their Kickstart users from their main portals.
  • A new type of progress report has been added for Kickstart Users.

  • 28/09/2020  
    SkillBuilder Intelligence Reports: Version 2 Now Available

    Our new Intelligence Reporting system is now available. The latest upgrade is more dynamic, faster to load, and makes it more straightforward to secure permissions for selected users.

    The interface has also changed to make it more user-friendly and to bring it in line with other SkillGate version 9 interfaces.

    SkillBuilder OKR Software Now Available with Perform

    The increasingly popular goal management framework, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), is now available with SkillGate's Perform system.

    Objectives set in a performance review are notoriously hard to quantify. With OKRs, numerical Key Results are set alongside the Objectives to make them measurable.

    Managers and employees can review their key results at any time to track progress. Reports can be run on an individual, departmental or organisational level to view overall improvements and trends.

    SkillBuilder Group Member Manager

    We have updated the functionality of 'My Groups' to simplify the addition and removal of group members and group masters.

    Administrators can now easily remove users, make users masters, add 'Secret Masters,' add and delete groups all in one place.

    SkillBuilder Manage Virtual Training Sessions from your LMS

    Designed with remote learning in mind, our webinar booking system is now available. An extension of our Classroom Booking System, this new feature will help you manage the admin around training sessions conducted via webinar.

    You can now select the 'Webinar' option as a course type and can embed the webinar link into the course details.

    On booking, attendees will automatically receive an outlook diary appointment invitation with the webinar link and details of the webinar included. Email confirmation and subsequent reminders will also include webinar access link and details.

    SkillBuilder Update Visual Content on Your LMS Homepage

    It is now possible for SkillGate LMS administrators to add their own images and videos to their LMS homepage. This feature offers added flexibility to LMS administrators, allowing them to offer relevant content to users on a more immediate basis.

    To update the imagery, access via [Admin] in the navigation bar and choose the [news] option from the drop-down.

    Here you have access to a simple HTML editor where you can modify the homepage text. To update the image or add a video, simply click on the asset library icon on the bottom right of the window and then follow the instructions. You can add an existing file from your asset library, or can upload from your computer.

    SkillBuilder My Plan Version 2

    We have now launched an upgrade to My Plan.

    The new version offers a better interface with ‘at-a-glance’ weekly and monthly calendars and more information about each programme the user is registered on. It automatically displays information from all SkillGate systems - My Learning, Traffic Light, and Perform.

    SkillBuilder Latest Classroom Booking System Update

    Now a classroom administrator can give the ‘attendance’ page to a third party (e.g. the actual course tutor). These ‘Attendance Monitors’ can complete 'attendance/no show' online to speed up administration.

    SkillBuilder Daily Lessons

    SkillGate users can now receive Daily Lessons in subjects specifically requested by them.

    Users receiving Headlines emails are invited to subscribe to Daily Lessons, in subjects of their choosing, via the Daily Lessons link in the email.

    A daily lesson focuses on a very specific subject. Users receive an email every day including an exercise or short lesson on that particular subject. Once the course of Daily Lessons is complete, users can then unsubscribe from that stream.

    SkillBuilder Introducing InTouch

    We are delighted to be able to make SkillGate InTouch available to customers.

    A development on our popular Headlines system, InTouch is a simple training and communication tool that allows system administrators to design, build and share Headlines via NewsFeeds.

    A Headline is a short, interactive online page which focuses on a particular subject and can include news, lessons, training activities and more.

    Every time a new Headline is added, users will receive an email directly into their inbox, taking them to a NewsFeed page featuring the latest Headlines.

    Via the InTouch dashboard, administrators can:

  • Create Headlines from scratch using the InTouch Editor
  • Copy and edit pre-prepared Headlines taken from the InTouch Headlines library
  • And Manage the distribution of Headlines emails

  • 25/03/2020  
    SkillBuilder Classroom Booking System Upgrade

    We have made a series of improvements the back-end of the Classroom system to bring it in line with the Version 5.1 Editor and to give it a more modern look and feel. The functionality remains largely the same but the system has been updated to align with the rest of your Version 9 site.  

    We will be automatically upgrading everyone who has the Classroom Booking System as of this week.  

    SkillBuilder Traffic Light Line Manager Triggers

    It is now possible to send 'trigger' emails to line-managers to remind them to check their manager Traffic Light reports so they are up to date on the compliance training status of their direct reports.

    Trigger emails can be scheduled to go out daily, weekly or monthly and contain a link that will take the line-manager directly to their report.

    SkillBuilder Traffic Light Courses and Induction

    Increasingly companies are adding an Induction Traffic Light Code with additional courses for inductees. This has meant that new starters are getting too many registrations all at once. We have added Stagger-days so that in Allocations administrators can set course registrations to be staggered by days or weeks.

    The same editor allows administrators to add Delay-days. This feature gives delegates longer to proceed with the course from registration.

    SkillBuilder Traffic Light and Line Manager Reports

    We have added a scheduler that emails line-managers with their team Traffic Light reports at time scales to suit you. A customised email message can be included with the reports.

    SkillBuilder Reinstating Archived Users

    LMS controllers can now Reinstate users they have Archived.

    Reinstatement is accessible via [Admin] in your navigation bar and the [Activity Records and Reports] part of the system. The [Admin] button in the reporting area will take you to the Reinstatement option. 

    SkillBuilder SkillGate Perform Update

    For those of you using our Perform software to manage your appraisal process, we have added another mini-form option to allow appraiser and appraisee to view compliance training status.  This means that mandatory training progress can be included in any appraisal discussion, supported by all the necessary information.

    SkillBuilder Weekend Reminders

    For customers who have their own sites, we have now updated the scheduler software so that registration and reminder emails can be sent at the weekend as well as during the week. This means that staff within organisations which don't work a traditional Monday to Friday week can receive training links and reminders on days that tally with their working week.

    SkillBuilder Looking for a Full List of Your Training Courses?

    Did you know that you can access and print a full list of training courses that your users have access to?  Simply select [Set Up] in your navigation bar, then click on [Library Options]. Scroll down and you will see and option to [Print course list] under the left-hand column. Clicking this link will bring up the full list of courses you have available on your SkillGate system for quick and easy review. 

    SkillBuilder Renaming CPD

    We have extended the replace feature for LMS systems who call CPD something else. For example many firms now use Continuing Competency (CC) instead of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). The existing CPD input and reporting features can now be given whatever name the LMS Controller chooses.

    SkillBuilder Upload SVG Files to WhizzAuthor

    It is now possible to upload Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) to the asset library in WhizzAuthor.

    SkillBuilder BookaCourse Update: Advisory Email to Line-Managers

    We have introduced a new function to the BookaCourse system. If required, it is now possible for line managers to receive an advisory email when a user registers for a classroom training course. This allows line-managers to keep track of what their direct reports are signing up to.

    This function can be switched on by the SkillGate team on request.

    SkillBuilder Reinstating Long Term Absence

    As you may know LMS Controllers can put individual delegates into LTA (long term absence, e.g. for maternity).

    There is an option to reinstate at a set date.

    Unlike Archiving (which removes Users from the live system) LTA basically freezes them. They are frozen on the courses they are currently enrolled on and, on reinstatement, they are unfrozen and will carry on where they left off.

    Note however, that LTA removes all User entries from the diary. This is especially relevant for Traffic Light. On reinstate, LTAs have to be manually reset on the TL Code courses required.

    SkillBuilder Traffic Light Communications Update

    A new field for selection has been added to the Activity Reports dashboard.  There is now the option to report on SCORM content embedded within programmes. 

    'Embedded Courses' is now set up as a 'tick-box' option and is unticked by default. This way, if you want to report on the completion levels for SCORM content within a programme you can, by ticking the 'Embedded Courses' field.

    This will show the SCORM content in an additional column detailing the Embedded Programme Reference (if applicable).

    SkillBuilder Survey software integrated with WhizzAuthor

    A full Survey suite has been written that can be used stand alone or integrated with any programme.

    Survey questions can be added in multiple formats and scored if required. The system is ideal for adding a level of interactivity to your courses with warnings posted to tutors where survey responses are considered to be problematical.

    Surveys are also ideal for gathering feedback on courses. For this reason we have upgraded the old 'Intelligence' system with a Survey results/reporting system.

    SkillBuilder Welcome WhizzAuthor!

    It has taken us over two years but it is finally here! Version 5 of SkillGate's content authoring system has all the best things we have learnt over the last 21 years:

    • simple authoring based on templates for subject experts
    • advanced features for professional trainers
    • publishiing via multiple channels
    • Real-time delegate management.

    to name but a few.

    SkillBuilder Headlines and A.I.

    The new version 9 'Headlines' system comes with A.I. Delivered microlearning (AIDm). This replaces the old Personal Trainer on v8 systems.

    There are several important differences including:

    • look and feel
    • automated focusing on delegate priorities
    • multiple 'further study' option
    • ability to save bites to a personal library.

    The system also links to SkillBytes programmes for skills embedding.

    SkillBuilder The SkillGate app has arrived!

    Now available via Apple Business Manager, the app will be a great resource for on the go training.

    Users will be able to access mandatory training, search for courses and check their record via the app. A once only log-in system allows for immediate access.

    The app is currently available for iPhones and will be available on Android imminently.

    SkillBuilder New Reports Update

    Most customers have now been upgraded to the new real-time reporting system. The new activity reports are now much faster and do not need to be compiled to update. All customers will be upgraded by the end of the year.

    SkillBuilder Extracts for Headlines

    We have created a new feature for Headlines (Version 9 upgrade of Personal Trainer). Now Headlines emails sent to users incorporate an 'Extract' of a course that can be completed in seconds and saved to a separate folder to keep for later. Extracts act as standalone mini learning resources as well offering course 'tasters' to encourage completion of the full course.

    SkillBuilder Short Course Booking System - new feature

    We have added a new feature to our classroom booking system that means tutors can now be alerted when a user has booked onto a course.

    SkillBuilder Reporting update

    A new scheduled report export has been created which allows users to create and export reports from the system for delivery at a specific time of their choosing. If someone runs a report daily for example, they can schedule this to be delivered at a set time every day.

    SkillBuilder New-look Authoring Suite now live

    As part of our Version 9 upgrade we have unveiled our new authoring suite. This new editing tool is much more intuitive and user-friendly than previously, and has been designed to create 100% responsive content.

    SkillBuilder SkillGate Version 9 has landed!
    Our latest system upgrade - SkillGate Version 9 - is now live. The new upgrade includes a tablet-approach look and feel; a Headlines page tailored to an individual's interest preferences as an upgrade for Personal Trainer and a method of embedding learning; an upgrade to My Learning, offering formal learning pathways with timescales for completion of courses; and an optional bolt on to allow the recording of one-to-one meetings, objectives and actions.

    SkillBuilder Badges
    SkillGate now supports 'badges' (with a new Personal Trainer system linked to badges). You will receive more details from your account manager.

    SkillBuilder Toolkit - now available on v8.
    Toolkit is SkillGate's non training content management system. Designed as a set of editable dropdowns it allows administrators to add documents to the SkillGate LMS at the menu level (rather than at the course Library level). It is useful for high level or overview documents/poilcies that can be accessed at any time.

    SkillBuilder Video Overview in Help
    WE have added a series of short movies to the help system. At the moment these are overeviews of the various sections/subjects. e.g. How to use Groups. We expect to be adding more technical movies over the coming months.

    SkillBuilder Stop Duplicate Short Course Bookings
    Users may not book multiple courses with the same title. If they wish to change booking them must now cancel old booking first.

    SkillBuilder Copying - No Date Set - Short Courses
    Administrators may not now copy courses with 'no date set'. (this sounds illogical but was being used to create a copy course to which was then added a fixed date). Administrators can still add a date to the 'no date se't course, and subsequently copy that one and change it back to 'no date set'.

    SkillBuilder User List - Site Controllers
    Added privilege level to user list to make it easier for site controllers to sopt levels.

    SkillBuilder Home Page Settings

    Home page settings have been moved from [Set Up] to [Groups] and can now therefore only be changed by Site Administrators.

    This is to avoid potential conflicts having system setup options in the two places.

    SkillBuilder Classroom Booking System - Cancellation Text
    Standard text for classroom booking cancellation emails can now be set at portal level. (Previously text had to be added at point of cancellation)

    SkillBuilder New Home page option
    We have added the option of having a 'request training' page appear as the opening page in the Find a Course option. This add request to the Actions page if switched on and and can send request to a nominated administrator.

    SkillBuilder TestEd
    We have recently resurrected the TestEd function in the Tutorial and Compliance formats. By switching on 'TestEd' subtype in the Programme Author, delegates are given the choice of taking the 'end of course' test, at any stage of the tutorial (all other test conditions remain unchanged). On successful completion of this test the delegate is automatically registered as completed on the programme. In short, TestEd speeds up completion time on compliance courses for delegates who can show they already knows the material.

    SkillBuilder Switch 'Book Now' Option Off
    The 'Set Library' option of the Short Course Booking System allows authors to load short courses into their LMS Library. This option now includes an 'Allow Booking' (default 'yes') switch. If switched to 'No' the course appears in the library but delegates may not [Book Now]. This feature is designed for give administrator's more control via the 'Invite Delegates' option and/or the 'Add to Waiting List' option.

    SkillBuilder Apologies
    The quiz question loading on some of the test formats has been running slowly recently. We have reindexed the fields and they are now back up to speed.

    SkillBuilder CPD terminology change
    Not all companies use the term CPD (Continuous Professional Development. To enable this we have added a language converter for this phrase to your site. Now you may rename 'CPD' as you wish.

    SkillBuilder Outlook Integration with Booking System
    Classroom 'invitations' now have ical file integration allowing delegates to accept decline and cancel via their MS Outlook calendar. The system will be rolled out to all bookings shortly. Full details are in help file ref 'Outlook integration with SkillGate Classroom Booking system (ref 157) '

    SkillBuilder Responsive Annual Appraisal Form
    Change appraisal form style to responsive to make it easier for delegates to complete the form on on mobile devices.

    SkillBuilder Update to Long Term Absent (LTA) processing.
    When a user is set to LTA the user's current registration instructions reset to 'start'. This stops them showing as non-compliant in Manager's Traffic Light reports (if they were previously in NeedAction).

    SkillBuilder Short Course Booking System
    Course Outline and Add to Waiting List links now open in new windows rather than in the same window. This is because both of those windows have a close window button which means prior to this update, closing the window will close the calendar.

    SkillBuilder eBriefing Print answers
    Site controllers can view correct answer as well as questions and answers from [Print] option on eBriefings.

    SkillBuilder LTA Report
    Long Term Absent Report added to Group Master [Activity Reports] members list.

    SkillBuilder Short Course Booking system
    Added function to order courses by date decending/ascending in Classroom Dashboard.

    SkillBuilder Qualifications Report
    The [Qualifications] report per delegate has been added (as an option) to [LMS] dropdown functions list. Users may also add qualifications from this page.

    SkillBuilder Custom Library Editor
    New [Upload Documents] option added to this page for convenience.

    SkillBuilder New Talent System / annual appraisal
    Major improvements have been made to the performance management system in the form of a complete new system called Talent. Full information is available from your Account Manager. Among the major developments are: * Objectives/Actions can now be linked to specific training or coaching solutions. * Actions can be managed throughout the year from the user's Talent dashboard. * Competencies can be viewed in graphical format * 360 feedback is a new integrated option.

    SkillBuilder eMail prefix and suffix bult change
    Added a utility to change email prefix and suffix in bulk by group for site controllers

    SkillBuilder Complete server move update and upgrade completed
    Thanks for your co-operation, such a substantial operation inevitably caused a few issues. However, overall we are now very pleased with the improvements in performance we are already experiencing.

    SkillBuilder Created Joining Instructions for Classroom Courses
    Created a new function within classroom courses. Ability to add and schedule joining instructions 'x' number of days before course is run. Includes being able to add attachments and also sending an individual joining instruction to a specific attendee.

    SkillBuilder Version 8
    SkillGate have released a new version of the LMS site. Version 8. Current customers can be upgraded to the new version.

    SkillBuilder New eBriefing Design launched
    New eBriefing Design launched. This new style has been modernised and is now easier to use and clearer to understand than previous designs.

    SkillBuilder Added extra option for Bulk Removal
    Added ability to bulk remove by user reference no.

    SkillBuilder Ordered by surname in members groups
    Within members in the groups tab, the list of users are now in alphabetical order rather that date.

    SkillBuilder Group Registration
    Added 3rd option for group registration alongside "send standard email" and "edit standard email". New option "send no email".

    SkillBuilder Added option to define custom stylesheet for workbooks
    Added ability to customize stylesheets for workbooks.

    SkillBuilder Classroom Courses Register Delegate (iCal)
    Added a "Send iCal" option in the register delegate section of the classroom course administration. Also added the course location into the iCal file.

    SkillBuilder Special Reports
    Added specialist report pages for programmes and navigation. To be concluded and standardized at a later date.

    SkillBuilder Manual CPD Points (Date)
    Date display has now been added to Manual CPD Points

    SkillBuilder SkillCard - Select Date Range
    A Date Range selection is now available on SkillCard. By selecting between 2 dates, you can now broaden your date range for all training completed.

    SkillBuilder Controllers - User Lists CSV
    Controllers with highest level (view passwords) access can now choose which billing group to download csv user details.

    SkillBuilder Quiz Stats - Standardize
    Added Quiz Statistics in Traffic Light Administration. This report displays the percentage of failed attempts on each question and which were the associated users. The report is found when selecting a programme from the dropdown under [by Programme].

    SkillBuilder TL Cascade CSV and New Group Type
    Traffic Light. Created new CSV Report for line managers within their staff cascade. Also, added Completion Statistics by line manager for administrators.

    SkillBuilder SCORM Courses to Certificates
    SCORM courses are now included in new certificate format programmes.

    SkillBuilder Programme - Synchroniser
    Traffic Light - eProgramme Synchroniser. If a programme has a renewal "loop" e.g. re-register in 12 months time, then all users who have completed can be "swept" back into the loop and synchronised with all users going forward.

    SkillBuilder CPD Manager - CSV Downloads
    Modified the CPD Manager CSV Downloads to list all CPD recorded with detail next to each delegate. This replaces the total figures which had been previously displayed.

    SkillBuilder Classroom - Move User Functionality
    Created functionality to move users from attended/unattended with the ability to amend programme and wrapper locations etc. When manager declines, this now removes the user from the course.

    SkillBuilder Binning Progs
    Programme Editor - Prevent Binning, Un-releasing or Archiving programmes unless all current users have been removed or completed.

    SkillBuilder Line Manager Trigger - Booking System
    Created a "trigger" to remind line managers to authorise/decline pending requests if they have not already done so.

    SkillBuilder Including Outline Link in Find a Course
    A link to the course outline is now showing under 'Find a Course' and when searching for a tutorial or programme.

    SkillBuilder Personal Records
    Added CPD into Personal Records section.

    SkillBuilder Assignment Text Input
    Centered and made the text input box bigger.

    SkillBuilder Auto attaching consolidated wrapper when creating new classroom course
    When adding a new classroom course, a consolidation wrapper is automatically created and assigned to the group of courses.

    SkillBuilder TL Change Job Codes Update
    Traffic Light Administration - Amended "Change JT" in TL Lookup so that only job codes that exist can be selected (dropdown menu). Also, a tick box has been added so that users who move with the job code can either receive all new training or not.

    SkillBuilder Amend CPD Pts
    Added ability to amend CPD Points by users in the Manual CPD form.

    SkillBuilder Edit Manual CPD
    Edit Manual CPD - It is now possible for users to edit their manual CPD entry - The CPD points awarded cannot be amended.

    SkillBuilder Records - Attendance order
    Attendance records in face-to-face courses are now ordered by course date descending.

    SkillBuilder Face to Face in SkillCard now displays in descending date order.
    Face to Face in SkillCard now displays in descending date order.

    SkillBuilder Performance Manager navigation
    We have added My Performance Review personal form links to the team dashboard for Performance Review Managers. This means they now only need to go to one page to see their team and their own Performance Review links.

    SkillBuilder classroom cancellation
    Two new options are added to the reasons for cancellation. 1. Declined by Admin 2. Declined by Manager.

    SkillBuilder Technical Updates
    Group Masters can now keep an eye on all new system improvements via the [Products] tab in the navigation bar. This report has been available since January on the SkillGate home page, but is now available to administrators via their own Logins.

    SkillBuilder Added Division and Department global edit to TL Lookup
    For site administrators. Traffic Light administration. In TL Lookup, added the ability to globally change department and division

    SkillBuilder Added Reason for Cancellation Dropdown - Classroom
    We have added a drop-down option for classroom course cancellations. The drop-down gives the administrator a list of specific reasons why the delegate has been cancelled (e.g. Sickness, Annual Leave, No Longer Relevant etc) as well as the narrative option previously available. This will improve cancellation reporting.

    SkillBuilder TL - Updates
    We have improved the TL Menu bar by adding a 'Dashboard' option and separating the 'Report' line. The Dashboard is designed for administrators to manage registrations, enrolments and lookup, while all the Reports are now more clearly grouped together.

    SkillBuilder TL - Remove Redundant Job Titles
    We have added a 'Remove' function within the TL 'Consistency' option to allow redundant job titles to be removed from the system.

    SkillBuilder TL - Completion Statistics
    Traffic Light Reporting - Added new Completion Statistics report by group and department.

    SkillBuilder TL - CSV Amendments
    Added CSV button to programme reports within Traffic Light administrator environment.

    SkillBuilder JS update so IE8 users can close tutorial window

    SkillBuilder Certificate programme launch size
    Size of the window for certificate programmes has been increased.

    SkillBuilder CSV Download of User Passwords (High Security)
    To improve security and ease of use, we have enabled a csv download of user passwords for SkillGate authorised controllers. These controllers can also see user passwords in the 'Edit Details' section under 'Admin'. Non Authorised controllers do not now have access to passwords via the system.

    SkillBuilder PT Schedule Update
    Updated PT Schedule so that a toggle is set for future registrations and valid til dates to be ignored or executed.

    SkillBuilder Updated navigation for [Admin]
    Updated navigation for [Admin] allows direct access to Traffic Light control system from the left hand drop down.

    SkillBuilder Traffic Light - Added report by TL Code
    A new menu option now allows administrators to report on all activity by TL Code in the Traffic Light system.

    SkillBuilder Date Upgrade on My CPD
    When adding Manual CPD, the option to select 2014 has been added to the year drop-down selection box.

    SkillBuilder Date Upgrade on Qualifications on Add CPD
    Dates on Qualifications Editor in [My CPD] extended back to 1960.

    SkillBuilder Programme Instruction to Include Attachments
    Programme Instruction and registrations to Include Attachments. Live for TL system registrations (after searching by programme limit 100) and in the epautoreg scheduler.


    Note:This information covers site improvements, developments, and general technical service improvements for all SkillGate systems. Individual details may vary from site to site.

    Major developments are highlighted in bold.