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Who are SkillGate?

Based in a beautiful converted barn in the heart of the South Downs National Park, SkillGate Ltd provides online learning services to many of the world's leading companies.

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SkillGate offers an extensive range of innovative, integrated online learning technologies. Our mission is to exploit them in ways that deliver to you the highest quality training available. Our customers typically use our software in three main ways:

1 Infinity

To deliver effective self-directed learning you must offer delegates relevance and opportunity.

Taking a modern A.I. driven approach, SkillGate's Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is called SmartCafé. Each User's Smart page is a unique combination of training relevant to them.

We deliver tens of thousands of exercises. Our team of dedicated editors write, curate content and suggest further study in a wide range of specialist subjects ranging from soft skills to professional interest topics.

2 Traffic Light

Traffic Light makes delivering mandatory skills training easy.

The advanced administration system works out who needs to do what when and prompts when required automatically.

The system empowers line managers by providing a simple red/green staff compliance report daily.

Traffic Light is supported by hundreds of customisable compliance courses. With SmartAuthor you can edit these or add your own in minutes.

3 SmartAuthor

Corporate strategic training takes all shapes and sizes. The best modern training techniques involve blending a range of learning media for best effect.

SkillGate software supports Projects. Projects allow authors to create, administer and deliver programmes using all media; online, face-to-face, marked-work and practicals, objectives and actions, coaching, SmartFeeds, and social media support.

We support deep learning approaches to support all learning style preferences.