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Training systems to reach all parts of your company.

SkillGate offers an extensive range of advanced, innovative online learning technologies: a Universal Training System (UTS). Our focus is on delivering corporate advantage through individual training and performance.

Our software solutions cover practically everything a training department could need: (click items for detail)


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How do clients use our service?

Our clients typically approach us for solutions in one of the following ways:

1 Courses

Effective training requires relevant courses. We deliver tens of thousands of them.

Taking a modern A.I. driven approach, our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is called SmartCafé. Each User's Smart page delivers new lessons daily. Lessons link to further study (Tutorials, Certificates and SmartProjects). We call our courses library - Infinity.

Our team of dedicated Studio editors write, curate content and suggest further study in a wide range of specialist subjects - from soft skills to professional interest. Using our unique SmartAuthor system courses are easily copied, edited and updated to match your requirement.

The system offers options for CPD and gamification through badges, as well as Certification.

2 Compliance Administration

Traffic Light makes delivering mandatory skills training easy.

The advanced administration system works out who needs to do what when and prompts automatically when required.

The system empowers line managers by providing a simple red/green staff compliance report daily. This approach leads to some of the highest compliance rates in the industry.

Traffic Light is supported by hundreds of compliance courses from the Infinity library. With SmartAuthor your subject matter experts can edit these or add your own in minutes.

3 SmartProjects

Corporate strategic training takes all shapes and sizes. The best modern training techniques involve blending a range of learning media for best effect.

We call them Projects. Projects encourage deep learning by supporting all learning style preferences.

The SmartAuthor system allows trainers to create, deliver and administer modern programmes using all media; Social Learning, online courses, Webinars and Classrooms, Mentoring or coaching, marked-work and practicals, objectives and actions, and SmartCafé for embeding lessons.

4 Performance Management

The key driver to performance excellence is effective Performance Management at an individual level.

SkillGate Perform software supports management by objectives (MBO) and key results (OKR) approaches. They can be driven formally, via annual appraisal, or informally via 'nudge' systems. The system options include 360 Feedback, Training Needs Analysis, and SkillsAudit.

Our performance management approaches will drive excellence and ambition in your organisation.

The Infinity courses library

We call our generic content library Infinity. This not because it contains tens of thousands of exercises, interaction, lessons and courses, but because:

  • We add new training every single day
  • Lesson objects can be edited, copied and shared in an almost infinite variety of ways
  • Courses are constantly updated and upgraded without you needing to worry about version updates or installations.

See 'resources' above for listings, or better still, enrol on SmartCafé and we will keep you updated with training relevant to you - on a daily basis.