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"I love these courses, the way they are put together and the value for money they bring to the organisation. I learn more this way than on any other learning I have ever been on. I get distracted easily, but these draw you in, you have to focus, they create learning as they go along through regular questions and updates. Great stuff"
Ashley Green, CEO, Gloucester City Homes.

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Over 200 key tutorials for organisational compliance.

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"This is really powerful with some simple solutions to calm stress and anxiety."
Perform at your best when it matters most

"This is a really helpful, well laid out tutorial. Some great suggestions on here!"
Combat stress

"Very helpful thank you!"
Let's talk money

"Really good advice, put in a simple, concise way. "
How to communicate under stress

"Brilliant read - love the smart cafe"
Use the 5 second rule to transform your life

"I can actually see myself in all 4 generations at work in someway or another. I do enjoy the mix of ages in work, some fascinate me whilst other aspects teach me. I love the fresh thinking and approaches of younger people whilst totally understanding the fact that people have lives at home to manage and may not have the same approach to reward. Interesting little course. "
Bridging the generational gap

"This has been really helpful"
Negotiate your way to the top

"A good reminder of language use. I can be guilty of using too many words."
Clean up your content!

"Thank you for this guidance, very informative."
Are you a perfectionist?


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