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Regulatory Library Review

Every 6 months, in May and November, we conduct a 'Regulatory Review' to update our compliance courses with the latest legislation, health and safety recommendations, most recent statistics and best practice.

We have recently completed our May review. We have reviewed just under 150 courses, updating statistics and making sure the courses reference the latest legislation and government guidance.

For example, we have updated Understanding the PREVENT Strategy with the most recently published statistics; our Learning Disability & Autism Awareness course has been updated in line with new Government information; and we have made changes to our Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) course following a legislative amendment.

SkillGate LMS Administrators can view all the details of the updates via the ‘Regulatory Updates’ section on the LMS Administrator page in the LMS.

As a reminder, if you have customised copies of any of the updated courses you will need to make the updates to your courses as per our Regulatory Updates Policy and Procedure.