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Every organisation is looking for eager and committed staff who want to develop and improve their knowledge and abilities.  Likewise, one of the key benefits that many employees look for from a potential employer, is the opportunity to train and develop their professional skills.


A workplace mentoring programme can offer employees the development opportunities they are seeking, while allowing the employer to utilise the skills of existing staff, and encourage a workplace culture of openness and communication.

Click on the images below to uncover some of the key benefits of a mentoring programme for all parties involved.

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Improved communication and interpersonal skills
Mentoring can help develop soft skills such as communication, empathy and active listening. 


Greater engagement with the workplace community
Working closely with someone in a different role, potentially in a different department, can encourage opennesss and understanding. It can encourage collaboration across teams, departments and roles.


Sense of achievement
Not only will a mentor get a sense of achievement when they see their mentee succeed, but the mentoring process will remind them of all that they have learnt and achieved in their career thus far.


Opportunities for progression
Volunteering to be a mentor is a commitment. This will demonstrate to employers dedication to the success of the organisation and could lead to future opportunities.


Personalised advice and training
Mentees get one on one advice and guidance from someone who has hands on experience that is specific to the organisation. The mentee can ask any questions they have in a safe and open environment and will get answers from someone who has real and personal stories to share.


Career progression
A mentor can offer valuable advice on what steps to take for career progression. Additionally, the insight and learning gained from mentoring, will help the mentee establish what steps they would like to take.


Networking opportunities
The mentor may be able to introduce their mentee to more experts within their field of interest thus building networking opportunities for the mentee. Having a mentor in a more senior role within the organisation may also help with internal networking as they make introductions, and mention their mentee to colleagues.


Improved company culture
A mentoring programme can increase engagement of employees across seniority and departments. Offering these cross-organisation interactions can improve internal communication and understanding and can offer new perspectives.


Cost-effective staff development
Utilising internal resource for employee development can save an organisation time and money in outsourcing training or waiting for the employee to learn on the job.


Improved retention of staff
If employees feel that they are getting the development opportunities they need they are more likely to remain with the organisation. Additionally, if they feel supported by their employer, they are more likely to feel a sense of loyalty that will encourage them to remain in the role.


A structured mentoring programme could be just what your organisation needs to address current workplace demands including cost-effective staff development and improved staff retention.


SkillGate’s MyMentor software can help you put the framework in place to launch your mentoring programme and reap the benefits that mentoring can offer.


Click here for more information on MyMentor. To set up a demonstration of the system get in touch with a member of the SkillGate team on 01730 815670 /