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In a technological world, where remote working has become the norm, the importance of the human touch is often overlooked. Learning and development is about people much more than it is about systems, and we mustn’t forget this in our quest to compete over the latest piece of tech.


At SkillGate we pride ourselves on our commitment to our people. Whether that’s offering the best customer service we can, or creating a happy and inclusive workplace, people are at the heart of what we do.


Our leading-edge technology has been built with people in mind, and as such, the human touch is woven through our entire product range. 


This is what we mean by ‘the human touch’:


  • Real tutors support users through their training
  • Real tutors mark every assignment in our Certficate and tutorial programmes and offer constructive feedback
  • Real tutors run webinars as part of our blended Certificate programmes
  • Learners can post specific training requests in PinBoard Pro and our team will source real training recommendations to answer their requests
  • Our SmartCafe daily micro-learning tasters support learners’ questions with responses and feedback to all their requests
  • Administrators of the SkillGate LMS can have as much system training as they need, whenever they want, with our system experts
  • Experienced consultants are always on hand to talk through more complex or specific training requirements face to face or over the phone
  • And most importantly, anyone can call the SkillGate helpdesk number and immediately speak to a helpful member of the team rather than battling with an automated service


From skilled tutors, to wellbeing pros; from experienced consultants, to friendly customer support staff, we believe learning solutions are about much more than software… it’s the people that make the difference! 


This is just a snapshot of how the SkillGate team can support you and your people.

If you would like to learn more about what SkillGate has to offer give us a call on 01730 815670 and speak to a member of the team.