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Plugging the Skills Gap


As we begin to get back to normal and start to feel the lasting effects of the pandemic, the so-called ‘talent crunch’ is becoming more and more apparent. The skills gap between what organisations need, versus what they have, has never been more glaring. In order to successfully recruit and retain talent, organisations need to be implementing top quality and effective staff development programmes.


In the 2022 Workplace Learning Report published by LinkedIn, 94% of workers said that they would stay longer at a company if given the opportunity to learn. Therefore, to retain and develop talent, organisations need to be focussing on building a stronger, more supportive work environment. Staff need to feel as though they are learning and growing professionally, and that their organisation cares and is invested in their future.


This is where SkillGate’s SkillsAudit becomes invaluable for businesses. SkillsAudit captures information about an individual’s skills gaps and matches this against the skills required for their role. A multitude of training solutions can then be mapped automatically as outputs to address these gaps.


You can use SkillsAudit to map your competency matrix against job roles, with required skill sets applied to each competency. Training of all shapes and sizes can then be set up as solutions. For instance, you can direct learners to SkillGate’s Infinity Library of online training courses; your own, or external, face-to-face and webinar courses; mentoring and coaching programmes; video links; articles… the list goes on.


Using SkillsAudit across your organisation will provide staff with relevant training to support their professional development, while helping organisations plug the skills gaps.

Learn more about SkillsAudit via our Product Page. If you would like to set up a demo of SkillsAudit, give us a call on 01730 815670 and speak to a member of the team.