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If ever there was a year that demanded a clarity of vision, 2020 must be it! With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to identify the 5 key areas we plan to develop in 2020 to improve the SkillGate learning environment for our customers and users.


  • Following the Government's White Paper around training and engagement of tenants, we are now offering customers dedicated Tenants' Training Portals.


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  • Many workplaces are set to re-open over the coming weeks. To help make this transition as smooth as possible for employers and employees we have a course available to support a safe return to work.


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  • The Government's new scheme to help get young people into work is currently open for applications. SkillGate's new Kickstart training package can offer these young people the training required to kickstart their professional careers.


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  • During these unsettling times focusing on our wellbeing is essential for keeping our spirits up and our outlook positive. Our wellbeing library is full of ideas and tips to help you nourish your personal wellbeing and look after your mental health.


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  • Whether returning to work or working from home, the health and safety of your staff is no doubt your number one priority at the moment.

    Our new H&S library is full of fresh and relevant content to help you protect your staff wherever they are.


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  • An inclusive working environment allows people to be themselves. The greater the mix of people, the greater the mix of skills, experiences and ideas.
    Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion course can help you nurture an inclusive and diverse workplace.


2020 Vision

If ever there was a year that demanded a clarity of vision, 2020 must be it!

With this in mind, we have taken this opportunity to spell out the 5 key areas we plan to develop in 2020 to improve the SkillGate learning environment for you and your users. 

Some of these ideas are completely new, some are enhancements of systems and processes already in place. Overall, we hope you agree they will keep your SkillGate as an essential part of your efforts to ensure self-development and mandatory learning is delivering competitive advantage to your organisation.

EmbEd - A new style of programme

It is not good enough to use elearning just as a box ticking exercise. We are committed helping you to use elearning to affect behavioural change. To this end we are introducing a new type of learning programme called EmbEd.

As the name ‘EmbEd’ implies the programmes focus on changing behaviours over time by drip feeding content via interactive decision-based exercises. 

What is new about EmbEd programmes?
•    Little but often makes lessons easier to digest.
•    Gamification adds entertainment as well as motivation for delegates. 
•    Tutor assistance is also standard for marking advanced work and ensuring delegates are on the right track.
•    Some elements of the EmbEd Programmes are ‘mandatory’. These report automatically into the Traffic Light system. This means managers can keep their eye on delegate achievement, on soft-skills development as well a traditional compliance courses, at the same time.

The first two EmbEd courses to have been delivered are Health and Safety for Managers and Cyber Security Awareness.

Intelligence & Risk

Most elearning training courses deliver information and test knowledge.
We think in the next decade they should be able to do a lot more. They should be able to provide management with an assessment of the risks they are running with the skills level of their staff.
SkillGate has always had ‘intelligence’ built into some of its programmes, allowing authors to review certain feedback from delegates. But with the risk analysis survey software developed last year, we anticipate adding many more attitude surveys, specific issue feedback and decision results analysis to our programmes.

Together these will add a whole new dimension to the value of the reporting on traditional online courses.
Did you know for example that the Cyber awareness course now includes a ‘surprise’ phishing attack? Intelligence on the results is provided by department against an all user average. 

Content is King - Headlines, tasters, embed and certificate programmes

We continue to invest heavily in our content development programme, using WhizzAuthor to create dynamic editable content in new and experimental formats. Perhaps the most important thing SkillGate will do is to produce a lot more of it.

We spent much of 2019 converting existing content to a new look and feel responsive mode and are expecting to complete the majority of this by Spring 2020.

The successful Headlines launch (that replaced Personal Trainer) is to be enhanced with more Headline stream options so that delegates can tailor how much and what type of training they want to know about. We are also adding ‘tasters’. 

Tasters follow on from Headlines where a delegate has expressed an interest. They consist of three or four additional short exercises (delivered daily). They provide opportunities for delegates to experience training on a subject before making the decision to register for a full EmbEd or Certificate programme.

Performance Management

People motivate people. Probably the biggest motivator for a delegate is his/her line manager.
For this reason, integrating performance management with training and self-development is an essential part of the skills development process.

In 2019 we developed the ‘1 to 1’ system that allows informal (occasional) feedback activity by line managers to be integrated with the formal (calendar) appraisal process. We plan to further develop this system to make it even more intuitive, transparent and rewarding for delegates in 2020 (including adding Reward Points).

EmbEd programmes have already been added as a development action option for selection by managers. We are expecting to be able to create Headline streams for appraisees based on intelligent understanding of the outcome of their appraisals.

How do we see the future?

Through Traffic Light, SkillGate users get the highest course completions rates on the market. With Infinity and Headlines they get the greatest take up in self development courses. But we are far from complacent.

We want delegates learning something relevant - every day. And we want those lessons to teach knowledge that sticks and change behaviours in ways that visibly benefit your organisation.

The future of online business learning is going to be fully individualised. 

Relevant learning will be directed to each delegate according to their needs on an object by object basis with content created at a granular level.

The systems to deliver total relevance to individuals are currently in their infancy. The problem is that there are so many variables such systems have to manage in order to deliver the perfect solution; time scales, intensity, learning style preferences, skill, level, motivation etc. 

The technology to ‘deliver’ individualised training is largely here; the ability to evaluate what works, for whom and when and why requires a lot more work. 

With our commitment to innovations and focus on courses that really work, you can rest assured SkillGate will be at the leading edge of this work.


If you would like to discuss any of these issues with SkillGate, or contribute any articles or white papers, please call 01730 815670 or email enquiries @skillgate.com.

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