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Product Model and Prices

SkillGate offers a comprehensive range of training software systems. The simple matrix below is designed to help you identify what elements of the system would be relevant to you at this stage (and give you an indicative price).

The product model below provides more details on the main features of each of the products.

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Courses Library and A.I. Delivered microlearning

SkillGate Infinity offers thousands of online tutorials, exercises and tests in areas including management, soft-skills and Office IT.

The courses can be accessed via the LMS library or used in Traffic Light, Performance Management, or our A.I. Delivered microlearning system which automatically delivers tailored learning to individuals. 

Many programmes in the Infinity Library are certificated by independent bodies. SkillGate also offers a range of courses in specialist subjects, and partners with third party vendors to create additional content libraries.


Plan, Deliver and Record

The SkillGate Learning Management System is an enterprise training planning, delivery and recording system. 

It acts as the base for the optional range of modular products that make up the full service (as detailed in this infographic).


Create. Publish. Manage.

SkillGate WhizzAuthor is our online and blended training course authoring system. It allows authors to create, publish and manage courses in real-time.

WhizzAuthor supports a wide range of programme types; from 5 minute 'click through and test'; to 6-month blended face-to-face/online courses; to induction, coach or observation programmes. It then delivers continuity by reporting on them in the same way.



Observation, Coaching and Mentoring

Used for mentoring, coaching and/or observations, Coach! offers organisations a simple way of recording one-on-one training interventions.

The Coach! type programme allows a coach to be nominated (either from a search process or automatically), and then automated messaging requires the coach to provide relevant information to the system, e.g. accept the coaching assignment; specify when and if a meeting has been undertaken; award a skill score; or comment on delegate's progress.

In most organisations, 80% or training is informal. Coach! allows companies to formalise some of this type of training to make it reportable.



Events Manager

SkillGate BookaCourse is an advanced face-to-face event management system that allows administrators to manage hundreds of delegates in multiple classroom types at the touch of a few buttons.

It can be used stand alone or fully integrated with the SkillGate LMS, Performance Manager, Traffic Light and WhizzAuthor.

Traffic Light

Compliance Management System

Traffic Light is a unique tool that delivers the right mandatory training courses to the right users at the right time. 

It advises managers about delegate progress, giving each manager either a Green or a Red light corresponding to their team's performance. A Red light indicates non-compliance, and a simple cascade report identifies the offending user(s) and the programme(s) involved.

Traffic Light delivers training compliance ratios which typically exceed 95% with minimal input from administrators or compliance officers.

My Plan

My Plan is SkillGate's strategic training planning and delivery system.

It allows managers and administrators to select and allocate training to individuals or groups, and monitor their progress.

The system has three main parts:

  • My Plan - a diary system that allows users to see at a glance what courses, objectives and or actions they have completed or have allocated to them.
  • Library - a searchable library of the thousands of courses available in the Infinity Library.
  • Headlines - an internal training marketing system sends occasional training suggestions to staff encouraging take up and completion of courses.

My Plan integrates with SkillGate's Traffic Light compliance and Perform appraisal systems.


Annual Appraisal and Performance Management

SkillGate Perform is designed to support organisational staff development activity.

It supports the formal annual appraisal process by offering sequenced form completion (e.g. delegate, manager, moderator) and informal performance management through 1 to 1 discussion recording.

Real training solutions can be directly accessed from the wider SkillGate system.


Cross Site Trainer (XST) allows courses created and managed on a SkillGate LMS to be made available on any other third party LMS.

XST courses use SCORM protocols. XST allows any courses created on SkillGate to be loaded to any third party LMS in exactly the same way as any other SCORM course. The difference is that the author controls and manages the programme from their original LMS.

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Example prices are quoted on an annual licence basis unless specified.
Some systems may also be subject to set up and customisation fees.
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