Check-ins is an informal performance management tool. It allows line managers to manage performance on a when and if necessary basis.

The standard version includes: Objectives and actions, one to one meeting notes, wellbeing reports and training needs requests.

The system integrates with the Annual Appraisal system and can be set-up to work on an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) or Management by Objectives (MBO) format.

Main features:

  •  Add objectives at Annual Appraisal or One to One
  •  Upload evidence
  •  Add progress comments by manager
  •  Set Min/Max objectives per delegate
  • OKR
  •  Add links to Strategic Objectives
  •  Set OKR score
  • Actions/Comments
  •  Add multiple actions or comments to objective
  •  Set add/edit by manager/delegate
  •  Mark as completed or no longer required
  • Reminders
  •  Set review by dates
  •  Set manager reminders
  • Reporting
  •  Add to My Plan
  •  Saveable CSV download reports