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Infinity Courses List

With tens of thousands of exercises, thousands of tutorials and hundreds of programmes, SkillGate offers one of the most extensive training libraries available.

We deliver our online training in three formats A.I.Dm (to embed learning), Regulatory Tutorials and professional courses:


Infinity Courses List

Excellent Communication

6 Great Ice-Breakers
An everyday guide to anger management!
An Introduction to NLP
Are You Really Listening?
Ask Better Questions
Barriers to Communication
Become a Better Communicator Using the LAER Method
Boost Your Personal Impact
Communicate More Effectively with the Communication Cycle
Communicating Effectively on Conference Calls
Conflict Resolution - Dealing with Angry People
Conflict Resolution Scenarios 1.1 - Personal Trainer
Create Understanding and Trust - The Johari Window
Decoding Body Language
Facilitating a Conference Call
Giving Critical Feedback
Handle Angry Callers with Confidence
Handling Difficult Conversations in a Care Setting
Handling Difficult Situations and Challenging Customers
How to be an Influencing Star
How to Build Rapport
How to Cope with Bossy Colleagues
How to Handle a Difficult Conversation
How to Make a Great Impression
How to Make Small Talk
Ice Breakers That Work
Inspire People into Action
Managing Other People's Diaries
Positive side of conflict
Prepare to succeed at interview
Secrets of Persuasion
Six Influencing Styles – How to Unlock the Power of Influence
Sound Successful! Improve the Quality of Your Voice
The 7 Cs of Great Communication
The Importance of Empathy
The Positive Side of Conflict
The Rule of Three - The Secret to Successful Communication
Turn a Disgruntled Customer into a Loyal Fan - Effective Complaint Handling
Watch Your Language! The Power of Positive Words!
What is Emotional Intelligence?
What is Your Conflict Management Style?
What’s the difference between Power and Influence?
Why Don't You Write The Way You Talk? (or Getting the Right Tone)
WIIFM - Getting People to Listen
WIIFM – Getting People to Listen
Writing Effective Emails