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Infinity Courses List

With tens of thousands of exercises, thousands of tutorials and hundreds of programmes, SkillGate offers one of the most extensive training libraries available.

We deliver our online training in three formats A.I.Dm (to embed learning), Regulatory Tutorials and professional courses:


Infinity Courses List

Managing People

'That'll never work!' - How to Manage Negative People
A coaching approach to feedback
A high performing team - How to build one!
An everyday guide to anger management!
Appraisals - Giving Feedback
Are You (Un)Conscious and (In)Competent?
Are You A Well-Rounded Manager?
Are You Really Listening?
Are You The Entrepreneurial Type?
Are You Using the Right Leadership Style?
Ask Better Questions
Avoid Incompetence - Understanding The Peter Principle
Avoid the Dangers of Groupthink
Avoiding the pitfalls of micro-management
Barriers to Communication
Be a Manager Who Makes a Difference!
Become a Better Communicator Using the LAER Method
Become a Transformational Leader
Being Aware of your Unconscious Bias
Boost Employee Enthusiasm
Boost Your Results By 40% - The Pygmalion Effect
Building Confidence in Others
Change Someone's Life - Become a Great Mentor
Coach with PRACTICE
Conduct an Effective Team Briefing
Cost Effective Staff Training - Six Ways to Train on the Job
Create Understanding and Trust - The Johari Window
Dealing with Angry People - Conflict Resolution
Developing Others - Six Categories of Intervention
Discipline and grievance at work
Do You Need to Change Your Attitude?
Do You Want to Transform Your Leadership Capability?
Does Happiness = Productivity?
Effective Teamwork – Understanding Team Roles
Engage Learners with Assertive Questioning
Facilitating Peer-to-Peer Learning
Get the Most From Your High Achievers
Get the Most From Your Summer Intern
Give Your Feedback Technique a BOOST
Giving Critical Feedback
Great Team Building Exercises
He Missed the Deadline! - A Coaching Opportunity
Health and Safety General - A Manager's Overview
Helping people GROW - a coaching model
How good a coach are you?
How SMART are Your Objectives?
How to be Assertive
How to Conduct an Effective and Enjoyable Appraisal
How to Get More Done - Delegate!
How to Handle a Difficult Conversation
How to Hire the Right Person
How to Remember People's Names
How to Retain Talent
Increase Your Influence
Increase Your Productivity - Engage Your Employees
Keeping you and your virtual team motivated
Managing Average Performers
Managing By Wandering Around (MBWA)
Managing Equality and Diversity for Senior Managers
Managing Former Peers
Managing Performance in Appraisals
Managing Poor Performance
Managing to Eliminate Bad Habits
Managing Unambitious People
Managing Virtual Teams
Motivate for a Happy Workforce
Motivating Others - A Powerful New Theory
Motivating to Improve Poor Performance
New Job? Flying Start!
New Manager - Getting It Right From the Start
No Opt Out - A Questioning Technique for Teachers and Trainers
Overcome resistance to change
Prepare to succeed at interview
Safer Recruitment
Stand Your Ground
Stop Playing the Blame Game!
Stretch It - A Questioning Technique for Teachers and Trainers
Successful Leadership in an Economic Downturn
Successful Leadership in Difficult times
Team Building Exercises To Improve Communication
The Accelerated Learning Cycle
The Importance of Empathy
Train effectively with the learning cycle
Understanding learning styles
Unleash the Power of Centred Leadership
Using Pressure to Maximise Productivity
What is Leadership?
What is the Right Question?
What is Your Conflict Management Style?
What Makes a Good Appraisal?
What Type of Leader are You?
What’s the difference between Power and Influence?
Why Are You So Angry? The Eight Causes of Conflict
Why do Teams Fail to Perform?
WIIFM – Getting People to Listen
Winning Hearts and Minds - Motivational Leadership
Working with Difficult Colleagues
Writing Effective Learning Outcomes