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Infinity Courses List

With tens of thousands of exercises, thousands of tutorials and hundreds of programmes, SkillGate offers one of the most extensive training libraries available.

We deliver our online training in three formats A.I.Dm (to embed learning), Regulatory Tutorials and professional courses:


Infinity Courses List

Managing Business

10 Ways to Save Your Business Money
An 8 Step Guide to Managing Change Successfully
An Introduction to Agile Working
An Introduction to Opportunity Cost
Assess Your Organisation - Weisbord's Six Box Model
Being an Entrepreneur
Boost Productivity with 5S
Bribery Act 2010 - What You Need to Know
Business Strategy? SWOT you need
Communicate More Effectively with the Communication Cycle
Credit Management - How to get paid on time
Dealing with business risk
Eliminate Wasted Work - Process Mapping
Exceed Customer Expectations (Kotler's 5 Product Levels)
Force Field Analysis - Understanding Change
Get Efficient With Kanban
How to Read a Balance Sheet
Introduction to Double Entry Book Keeping
Introduction to Profit and Loss
Introduction to project management
Is 2.9 the Magic Number?
Make Change Less Painful - Understand What People are Feeling
Maximise Future Profits - The Boston Matrix
Melting the Ice Cube - Lewin's Framework for Change
Motivate for a Happy Workforce
Prioritising Risk - The Risk Impact/Probability Matrix
Producing a Balance Sheet
Strategy for Success
The Iron Triangle - the Truth about Project Management
The Price Earnings Ratio
Understand Your Organisation - The McKinsey Framework
Understanding Net Present Value
Understanding Power - The Five Forces
Understanding Return On Investment
Use a Successful Business Strategy
What is PESTLE for business?
What is Your Plan B? The Four Stages of Contingency Planning