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Infinity Courses List

With tens of thousands of exercises, thousands of tutorials and hundreds of programmes, SkillGate offers one of the most extensive training libraries available.

We deliver our online training in three formats A.I.Dm (to embed learning), Regulatory Tutorials and professional courses:


Infinity Courses List

Excellent Written English

Accept or Except?
Affect or Effect?
Avoid Common Spelling Mistakes
Avoid Pleonasm - Writing Clearly and Concisely
Business Writing Style
Could of, Would of or Should of?
Dangling Participles
Double Negatives
Fewer or Less?
Getting the Right Tone
How to Plan and Write a Document
How to Write in Sentences
i.e. versus e.g.
Improve Your Grammar & Writing Skills (1)
Improve Your Grammar & Writing Skills (2)
Improve Your Grammar & Writing Skills (3)
Improving Your Grammar & Writing Skills
Its or It's?
Lets or Let's
Like or As?
Logical, Emotional and Professional Writing
Maybe and Anyway
Me or I?
Practice or Practise?
Presenting Information Clearly
Punctuating Quotations
Report Style (Report Writing)
Split Infinitives
Their, There or They're?
Then or Than?
To, Too or Two?
Use AIDA Marketing - Get Your Message Across
Using -ible and -able
Using Apostrophes Correctly
Using Capitals
Using Colons
Using Commas
Using Information Technology (Report Writing)
Using Language Suitable for Your Audience
Using Paragraphs
Using Parenthesis
Using Semi-Colons
We're, Where or Were?
Who or Whom?
Whose or Who's?
Why Don't You Write The Way You Talk? (or Getting the Right Tone)
Would Somebody Please Think of the Reader! (Report Writing)
Writing Business Letters
Writing in Plain English
Writing Numbers
Your or You're?