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Infinity Courses List

With tens of thousands of exercises, thousands of tutorials and hundreds of programmes, SkillGate offers one of the most extensive training libraries available.

We deliver our online training in three formats A.I.Dm (to embed learning), Regulatory Tutorials and professional courses:


Infinity Courses List


Achieving Work Life Balance
Are You Really Listening?
Beat the Common Forms of Stress
Being Aware of your Unconscious Bias
Change Bad Habits to Become Happier
Coping with Isolation
Counting Sheep - How to Get a Great Night's Sleep
Develop the High Self Esteem Habit
Do You Want to Transform Your Leadership Capability?
Feeling Stressed? Try Mindfulness
Five Ingredients for a Flourishing Life
Getting Rid of Stress!
Helping People to GROW - A Coaching Model
Motivate for a Happy Workforce
Relax - How to Switch Off After Work
Remove Stress - Focus and Centre Yourself
The Art of Being Patient
The Positive Side of Conflict
The Power of Positive Reframing
Think Differently - The Reframing Matrix
Wellbeing – The Science of Happiness
Why are you so angry? The eight causes of conflict