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Pinboard Pro

Pinboard Proactive draws on the Infinity Library and the Results! software to deliver personalised training solutions to users.

Training requests (collected via Results!) are reviewed by SkillGate researchers who will;

  • suggest solutions from the Infinity Library
  • create new programmes if necessary
  • and research alternative external options.

Suggestions may be quick ideas, or recommended Smart feed channels, tutorials or more formal SmartProgrammes selected from the thousands of training options available in the Infinity Library.

Results! is a non-formal performance management tool that comes as a standard option. It can use management by objectives (MBO) or objectives and key results (OKR) approaches. Results! allows managers to:

  • Record periodic review discussions
  • Set objectives for Users (in line with corporate strategic objectives if required)
  • Measure actions or key results with progress reporting
  • And add training requests.

Managers can view their team's progress and training suggestions from a simple dashboard.

The result is a powerful supportive environment that, while easy to use, offers consistent performance progress reporting across the organisation.

Learning to Suit You

It is not just software - SkillGate systems are about developing skills. SkillGate offer thousands of Lessons in Learning Suites tailored to meet your needs.

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