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Single Sign On

SSO means delegates only need one password to access all your IT systems. SkillGate supports SSO as one of the several SkillGate features that we use to integrate our systems with your in-company set up.

The aim is to improve security, minimise duplication and keep user activity and details synchronised (movers, leavers, changes of name email addresses etc.).

SkillGate has systems for managing data feeds in and out.

Import: Typically, clients generate an occasional CSV file that SkillGate’s datafeed system picks up over a secure connection and runs according to schedule.

The data feed system automatically looks for anomalies or errors in the data and advises or stops the process when needed.

The feed systems will also manage Traffic Light and Library enrolments by job role. It ensures users are enrolled on the appropriate training.

Export: The reporting system allows LMS Administrators to create reports from any data on the system and schedule automatic delivery of the data to agreed secure location for collection.

Learning to Suit You

It is not just software - SkillGate systems are about developing skills. SkillGate offer thousands of Lessons in Learning Suites tailored to meet your needs.

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