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Reward - CPD, Badges and SkillCard

Reward is a vital incentive to get delegates to complete courses and continue on their training journey. The SkillGate system offers several reward based approaches.

CPD points are awarded to delegates automatically on completion of any training, whether formal or informal, on the SkillGate system. Delegates may also add their own CPD points if they undertake external training activities .

CPD points accumulate to 'badges'. Badges are widely recognised as a motivator to delegates to continuous study.

SkillGate also includes a qualifications management system. Again courses online will automatically add qualifications to the delegate record - or delegates can add their own.

Delegates can 'share' information about their qualifications and the awards they have achieved the SkillCard system.

Learning to Suit You

It is not just software - SkillGate systems are about developing skills. SkillGate offer thousands of Lessons in Learning Suites tailored to meet your needs.

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