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Academy10 is SkillGate's LMS system.

It is one of the UK's most popular LMS system and supports hundreds of organisations ranging in size from 50 to 15,000 staff.

Academy10 offers an exhaustive range of key features and supports the 'plugin' products for specialist applications listed above.

Learning Management System

SkillGate's original LMS service today supports hundreds of the UK's leading organisations.

It offers all the services you want from your LMS including; Record Keeping; Library Management; CPD & Badges; Teams and Group Management; Learning Plans, etc.

The very latest versions integrate LMS (2) technologies. You can now combine A.I.Delivered microlearning with all our performance management and training tools to create the most effective learning interventions.

SkillGate's LMS acts as a 'hub' allowing you to select which products and courses you need to meet your strategic objectives. It is also supported by an advanced range of Enterprise Services.

Teams, Hierarchy and Groups

Organisational hierarchies allow team managers access to groups and teams you create. Managers have access to the systems to support their direct staff or groups of staff.

They can access staff records, set plans, objectives, actions. They can monitor staff compliance status, certificates and badges, as well as other performance management systems.

Features List

As well as being a robust, stand alone system, Academy10 integrates with all SkillGate products to support a blended training approach.